Sixth Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan

Business Activity-based Environmental Burden Reduction

The entire Nidec Group tries to understand and reduce important the environmental burden generated as a result of its business activities by engaging in activities to achieve its intensity-based targets in order to make its business more environmentally efficient. To conserve the natural environment, we try to make contributions via our business activities, while promoting contributions made by our employees through volunteering and donations.

Nidec produces and promotes a medium-term environmental conservation plan every three years since FY2004, and launched a sixth medium-term environmental conservation plan in FY2019. This plan intends to reduce the total three-year average of the important elements for our business-generated environmental load reduction (i.e., greenhouse gases (CO2), electricity, water, and waste disposal) from the results of base FY2018 results.

Climate Change Mitigation Measures

Energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction efforts are underway at the Nidec Group, whose business sites inside and outside Japan are taking actions such as introducing high-efficiency equipment and redesigning their manufacturing processes. Our other efforts include understanding and disclosure of the direct and indirect CO2 emissions of our supply chains in addition to our group companies.

Waste Management

Nidec continuously promotes thorough trash sorting and reusing such trash as resources by identifying applications for them.

Water Management

Nidec improves its manufacturing processes and uses them more efficiently than before to use and waste less water.

Chemical Management

Nidec has launched measures, such as those for comprehensive management of chemicals, to prevent chemical leaks and in anticipation of disasters.

Environmental Performance

This section explains Nidec’s medium-term environmental conservation plan, results, and environmental performance based on its domestic and overseas business sites’ greenhouse gases, electricity, water, and waste disposal charts.

Environmental Accounting (Environmental Cost)

This page summarizes the environmental preservation cost and economic effects from environmental preservation measures of domestic and overseas sites.

Responding to Environmental Emergencies and Regulatory Compliance

To comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, Nidec has in place its own standards and a management system based on them.

Environmental Load Reduction in the Supply Chain

Nidec engages in actions to help its individual business sites to improve their environmental responsiveness with their supply chain partners.

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