Business Activity-based Environmental Burden Reduction

Environmental Accounting (Environmental Cost)

Sites included in the calculation:Domestic sites of Nidec Corp.

              Nidec Electronics (Thailand) Co.Ltd., Nidec Philippines Corp.
              Nidec (Dalian) Limited, Nidec Singapore Pte.Ltd.
Nidec (Dongguan) Limited, Nidec (Zhejiang) Corp.
Nidec Automobile Motor (Zhejiang) Corp., Nidec Vietnam Corp.
Nidec Subic Philippines Corp., Nidec Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Period :April 2020 to March 2021

Unit     :¥1 million

Environmental Preservation Cost
Classification Major activities Invest
In-site cost Cost of pollution prevention Measurement of Nox, Sox, noise, pH, etc. and pollution prevention (effluent treatment, maintenance of effluent equipment) 1 59
Cost of preservation of global environment Investment etc. in energy saving and prevention of global warming 67 21
Cost of resource circulation Further efforts in separation and recycling. Outsourcing charge of waste disposal 3 69
Upper stream, down stream cost Environmental preservation cost to reduce environmental loads which arise from production and service activities at the upper stream and the downstream Collection tray 0 0
rative activity cost
Environmental preservation cost in administrative activities Environmental education and maintenance of environmental management system 0 89
R&D cost Environmental preservation cost in R&D activities Development etc. of products which reduce environmental loads 6 0
Social activity cost Environmental preservation cost in social activities Environmental beautification activities 1,712 0
Environment damage cost Cost to respond to environmental damages 0 0
T o t a l 1,789 238

I t e m Amount
Total investment for the applicable period (excluding R&D cost) 1,783
Total cost (expense) of the applicable period (excluding R&D cost) 238
Total cost of R&D for the applicable period (investment, expense) 6
T o t a l 2,027

Economic effects from environmental preservation measures
Detail of effect Amount
Business income generated from recycling of the waste produced by the main business activities or recycling of used products, etc. 2,550
Reduction in waste treatment cost related to resource saving or recycling -1
T o t a l 2,549

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