Business Activity-based Environmental Burden Reduction

Environmental Load Reduction
in the Supply Chain

While its business sites require their supply chain partners to submit an “agreement on environmental actions,” Nidec assesses its supply chain partners’ environmental responsiveness for each product model, and promotes improvement by having discussions to solve both sides’ issues. In addition, to actively promote CSR activities of its supply chain partners, Nidec audits their environmental and other activities. FY2021 saw us conduct a CSR audit on 132 of our supply chain partners (including those we audited remotely).
Nidec Electronics (Thailand), for example, held e-learning-based training for the employees of its supply chain partners, to share the RBA’s code of conduct requirements with all of them. In FY2021, in the wake of COVID-19, the RBA-based, onsite CSR audits based on each company’s own standard were replaced by self-assessment-based audits, which covered a total of 53 of our supply chain partners. In FY2022, we will prioritize online audits for direct suppliers and service providers who work at Nidec Electronics (Thailand), at requests of our customers.

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