Business Activity-based Environmental Burden Reduction

Waste Management

Nidec is particularly focused on building a business process to effectively reuse raw materials. Not only do we minimize waste in our manufacturing processes, we also engage in other activities such as minimizing the use of containers and packing materials (e.g. improving the designs of products and containers, and replacing wooden product shipping pallets with plastic ones).

In addition, we constantly promote the re-use of waste materials by sorting them efficiently into individual categories and facilitating re-using them: Nidec Group's business sites allocate sufficient space for industrial waste, and show and explain properly how to sort it into different components, in simple, easy-to-understand terms, in local languages. It also actively promotes employees' waste management awareness by launching such measures as displaying a waste-sorting standard chart on each floor. In Japanese business sites, where many overseas trainees learn, the group employs meticulous measures such as making English versions of documents. These actions led Nidec Corporation's head office and Central Technical Laboratory to be certified by the city of Kyoto as “an excellent business site that reduces its trash disposal and conducts “3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle)” and other activities.”

The final waste disposal volume of Nidec’s production bases in FY2020 decreased approximately 7% from the FY2019 levels due to an increase in our company’s recycle ratio and decrease in paper use. The final waste disposal volume of our non-production bases decreased approximately 40% mainly due to an increase in the number of employees working from home as COVID-19 infections spread. We will continue to sort waste by type thoroughly as we intensify our efforts on recycling.

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