Special Feature 2013 - Looking Ahead 100 Years to Evolve as a Truly Indispensable Business

3. Weaving a Future by Practicing “Three Basic Management Philosophies”

Play a Role in Achieving Sustainable Society

No company can continue to exist without a globally acceptable philosophy.
It is the Nidec Group’s aim to perform CSR-based management based on the Group’s “Three Basic Management Creeds” for the next 100 years and beyond, and contribute to a sustainable society.

Nidec’s Three Basic Management Creeds
①Whatever you do, you should always focus on becoming Number One and the World’s Top.

Be No. 1 company in the future automobile business

What kind of automobile do you imagine when you hear a term, “future car?” One example would be a dream-like, fully-automatic vehicle (an entirely automatic car), which safely carries a passenger to a destination without a driver. This is not an unrealistic idea, but something that several car manufacturers are already experimenting.

What main components will be used in such an entirely automatic car? The answer is: (1) a sensor, (2) a control unit (an artificial intelligence), (3) a motor sensor controller, (4) motors, and (5) batteries. When driving an entirely automatic vehicle, when someone suddenly jumps in front of it, (1) the sensor senses the person, (2) the control unit (artificial intelligence) commands the car to brake, based on which (3) the motor controller operates (4) the motor, and then the brake stops the vehicle. The power for all of these movements is provided by (5) batteries.

Nidec regards its automotive motor & component business as an important business to grow. Based on our history of supplying various types of motors, we will expand the range of the types of motors and their components as we move forward. Among the five main components for the entirely automatic vehicle, we will develop and produce sensors, motor controllers, and motors. Supporting the development and production of these components will be the basic technologies that we have cultivated in our business, including the electronic and optical technologies for cameras and mobile phones, areas of our specialty.

Nidec, one of whose basic business philosophies is “whatever you do, you should always focus on becoming Number One and the world’s top,” tries to become a No. 1 company in the area of key automotive components, and continues to realize our dream where all key components of future cars will be Nidec products.

Nidec’s Three Basic Management Creeds
②Supply products that the world needs.

From energy-saving to energy-creating

There are serious global issues today: environmental, energy, water, food shortage, poverty, etc.
One of these issues that Nidec can contribute in solving by the use of its characteristics is energy shortage. As a company actively promoting energy-saving designs of products, we focused our attention to “energy creation,” which is a step ahead of energy saving, in solving energy shortage. As part of this step, we decided to utilize our motor-related technologies, and launch such projects as building a solar energy generation plant and wind and water power generation.

One noteworthy product in these projects is a power source system that supplies electricity to mobile phone base stations. This system, which provides base stations with electricity by combining power from small wind and solar power generators with batteries, is attracting attention of newly emerging countries with regions without electricity.
How to stop using fuel energy is a global issue, and renewable energy will certainly be needed more than ever in the future. It is our wish to make products that are highly environmentally friendly and essential in this area of energy creation.

Nidec’s Three Basic Management Creeds
③The largest contribution a company can make to the society is the generation of employment opportunities.

Consorted efforts for a better future

Nidec, started with only four people in 1973, is now a company group of approximately 230 companies perating in 32 countries with 100,000 employees (as of the end of March 2013). Many people of different nationality, ethnic group, religion, gender, and academic background are working in our offices all over the world.
In particular, staffing of local people are taking place as our businesses in China, India, Brazil, and other newly emerging countries are expanding, while, in Japan, we are actively hiring and training people from around the world mainly for R&D projects.
In various countries in the world, we comply with laws, respect customs, human rights, labor practice, and diversity, and, under the “CSR Mid-term Vision,” expand and strengthen our global management system.

Of Nidec’s four Business Units, the Appliance, Commercial & Industrial Business Unit is led by an American national, and “diversity” is not a special term for us. Anyone with sufficient skills and aptitude can become part of our Group. Our aim is to be a company that continues to create employment based on its growth strategy, and where a 1 million-size workforce consisting of a diverse group of people will be able to work actively by utilizing their diversity.

For the Future

The future is limitless. The dream-like world that you saw in a science-fiction movie may one day become a reality thanks to technological development. It is the Nidec Group’s wish to be a company that continues to supply the world with products that it needs for the next 50 or 100 years and beyond, and be part of a sustainable society.
What is required a company that will be needed by the society for the next 100 years and beyond? An answer to that question is a group of employees with unshakable technological competence, a common philosophy, and a flexible mind.

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