Risk Management

The Nidec Group tries to secure business continuity by using a global perspective to visualize both mid/long-term and daily risks.

Risk management system

Mid/long-term risk management

The Nidec Group uses a mid-term business plan, which is designed to realize the group’s long-term vision that is defined as a set of specific numerical and qualitative targets, as a basis of the group’s business plan for each fiscal year. Our mid-term plan is created based on: discussion on its feasibility as a plan; consistency with our long-term plan; and issues and risks for us to overcome to achieve the vision. Each mid-term plan is revised (rolled) during its execution phase, based on changes in the market and the status of execution.

Daily risk management

We established “Risk Management Regulations” to manage the risks of the entire Nidec Group, and have in place a Risk Management Committee under the Board of Directors. Individual departmental general managers and Nidec Group companies create and implement their annual risk management plans based on an annual policy instituted by the Risk Management Committee.

The Risk Management Office works as the Risk Management Committee’s secretariat to support the plans, while the Corporate Administration & Internal Audit Department audits the conditions of this risk management system.

Additionally, we promptly report and share important information with one another in the risk management meeting held every morning, and utilize the information in daily work, while as necessary extensively discussing and sharing such information in the Management Meeting as well.

For specific risks that the Nidec Group currently manages, please click here.

Crisis management

In anticipating crisis response in reality, we have in place a practical crisis handling procedure (with a flowchart and a checklist) based on the “Crisis Management Regulations” and the “BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Basic Policy,” both of which cover the entire Nidec Group.

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

With risk managers at individual business sites all around the world and other associated personnel, the Nidec Group tries to ensure early detection of, and proper response to, matters that could hamper business continuity.The training, participated by a total of more than 3,100 employees as of the end of March 2021, helped them improve their skills to counter such events. We launched a COVID-19 Crisis Management Headquarters at the end of January 2020, to revise the company’s BCP, assuming for the pandemic to prolong.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, BCP training was held online in Japan and Vietnam.

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