The CSR that Nidec Aims to Achieve

CSR Management

In addition to certification programs such as ISO14001*1 and OHSAS18001*2, the Nidec Group operates a comprehensive EICC-based (Electric Industry Code of Conduct-based) CSR management program in the fields of human rights, labor, ethics, health and safety, the environment, and social contribution.

*1. ISO14001: International standard on environmental management requirements
*2. OHSAS18001: International standard on work safety and health management system requirements

Global Five-polar Management System

To enhance its management system, the Nidec Group has five global poles of business management, i.e., Japan, China, Asia, the Americas, and Europe (including the Middle East and Africa). With regional management companies already established in China, the Americas, and Europe, a plan is underway to establish such a management company in Asia as well. By collaborating with these management companies, we will provide the five global poles of business with corporate administration & internal audit, and compliance, risk, and CSR management functions.

CSR Management System

The Nidec Group has a CSR Committee under the supervision of Nidec Corporation’s Board of Directors. The CSR Committee is chaired by Akira Sato, Nidec Corporation’s First Senior Vice President and CPO, who was appointed by the company’s Board of Directors to be in charge of handling human rights, labor, ethics, health and safety, the environment (climate change, etc.), contribution to society, and other CSR-related issues. The members of the committee, who are selected by the Chairperson and individual offices, deliberate and make decisions on important matters, including action policies for the entire area of CSR and the committee’s annual plan. The CSR Committee’s decisions are reported to the Board of Directors or deliberated by it as necessary, and then executed based on cooperation between Nidec Corporation’s IR-CSR Promotion Department, a secretariat dedicated to CSR activities, and offices in and outside Japan.

As the Nidec Group’s business expands globally, an increasing number of business sites are becoming part of our CSR management. Thus, prioritizing important business sites, we are expanding the range of our CSR management on a phase-by-phase basis.

CSR Promotion System

CSR Management System

Nidec’s CSR management system is built on the principles of the company’s CSR Charter and accompanying Nidec Group CSR Declaration which guide our choice and actions in terms of the evolving nature of our corporate social responsibility. In addition to the use of OHSAS18001*(or ISO45001) and ISO14001*2, we engage an international certification firm to conduct a third-party CSR audit to ensure the ongoing visibility and viability of the management system.

PDCA Process under the CSR Management System

*1. OHSAS18001: An international standard that defines the requirements for occupational health and safety management systems.
*2. ISO14001: An international standard that defines the requirements of environmental management.

CSR Mid-term Vision

Starting FY2016, the Nidec Group has been promoting “CSR Vision 2020,” a corporate guidance with eight core issues in the areas of E (the environment), S (society), and G (governance), the vision that the Nidec Group aims to achieve in FY2020, and the group’s major indexes. For details, please click here.

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