Materiality Initiatives

About Materiality Initiatives

To ensure effective and steady implementation of our materiality initiatives, Nidec has set 15 action themes in the five materiality categories. And, for each theme, we have set KPIs, which we intend to achieve by FY2025 and are classified into three phases according to the timing of implementation. We incorporate the KPIs into the new medium-term strategic goal Vision 2025, and work on them to enhance the sustainability of our business. We may change the materiality issues, action themes and KPIs taking into consideration their validity according to the business environment in the future.

As a structure to check that each activity is being conducted steadily and effectively, the ESG Materiality Steering Committee is held periodically. Placed directly under the Management Committee, the ESG Materiality Steering Committee meets every month, affording almost all officers an opportunity to report on the progress and problems of their action themes on a phase-by-phase basis. Reports are given directly by the officers in charge of each action theme. The matters discussed and decided at the Committee meetings are immediately reflected in the action plan.

Organization of the ESG Materiality Steering Committee

Materiality and theme to be addressed

KPIs for each themes to be addressed

phase1 phase2 phase3

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