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Promoting efforts to contribute to society through non-business activities

Nidec Group companies across the world have been involved in various social contribution activities rooted in local communities where they have operations. Part of these activities are introduced below.

In Japan

Case 1) Nidec Elesys Corporation

Since December 2013, Nidec Elesys Corporation has participated in the Ecocap Campaign to raise the awareness of employees about social contribution. This campaign is a grassroots campaign to donate polio (infantile paralysis) vaccines to children throughout the world by collecting PET bottle caps as recycling resources and using the gain on their sales to purchase vaccines. It can also help reduce CO2 emissions by preventing caps from being disposed of by incineration. As of September 2019, approximately 110,000 caps, equivalent to polio vaccines for 138 children, have been collected. We hope that our activities will help children fighting diseases.

Case 2) Nidec Corporation

Nidec has run environment workshops for elementary schools in Kyoto Japan since 2017. The class content is originally designed to have elementary school students think about what they can do for the global environment, while learning how motors used in our daily lives work and motors’ relationship with electric energy. The scale of projects is expanding year on year. We continue these activities to teach more children about the fun of manufacturing and the importance of the environment.

Outside Japan

Case 1) Nidec Automotive Motor Mexicana

2017 December, the local government held the “Decorate Your Christmas Tree” contest. A group of volunteers from different departments decided to participate the contest, and donate the prize to a charity institution. They won the first place and decided to donate the prize money to an institution that provides medical assistance for people fighting cancer in 2018 April. We are proud that the Christmas tree has become hope and braveness for the people who receives assistance from the institution, while they fight against cancer day by day.

Case 2) Nidec Motor Philippines Corporation

Since 2010, we have a “Way to Engage” program, which is intended to promote our employees’ awareness on CSR, and urge them to participate in social contribution activities. As part of this program, we plan social contribution activities that many employees can participate in, including the “Little Dreamers Project,” a program launched in 2018 to make donations to a foundation to support education for children who may otherwise drop out of school. FY2019 saw us donate app. PHP50,000 (app. US$1,000) in this project. In another project, we support a feeding program, where we interact with children and provide them with meals every December. This fiscal year, we will stay committed to building dreams for our future generations.

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