Our Contributions to Society

Disaster Relief Support

The Nidec Group participates in the following and other disaster relief activities:

Working with a local municipality to support disaster evacuees

In March 2014, the town of Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture, and Nidec Sankyo Corporation signed an agreement on supporting earthquake and other disaster evacuees.

The agreement requires Nidec Sankyo, during a disaster, to provide its head office’s parking lot and gymnasium as an evacuation center or an emergency evacuation center, provide support such as personnel and supplies to the extent possible, and work with administrative organizations to handle the disaster. Nidec Sankyo is thus committed to supporting disaster relief activities as a member of the local community.

Nidec Sankyo built its new head office building in 2012, and created an appropriate parking lot on its property. The company’s gymnasium, approximately 1,500m2 in area, can accommodate approximately 300 people. Conveniently located in front of JR Shimosuwa Station, the company’s site is expected to serve as a critical evacuation space during a disaster.

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