Respect and Promote Diversity

The Nidec Group recognizes diversity as the source of its competitiveness. As we conduct business globally, we respect and embrace the differences among those individuals who underpin and operate our group, while utilizing those differences to the maximum extent to effectively accommodate daily changing business environments and customer needs.

People from diverse backgrounds work at the Nidec Group, which have development, production, sales, and research bases all around the world. We ensure that we hire talented and passionate individuals with whom we can work beyond differences in gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and other qualities and philosophies, evaluate and appoint those who can demonstrate their full potential, and create work environments for that purpose.

We intend to improve the quality of our diversity management to a level where it works as our group's strength.

Employee Breakdown by Region

Employee Breakdown by Region

People from diverse backgrounds shine at Nidec

Change in Focus: From Promotion of Women Empowerment to Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion

Nidec has been promoting diversity since 2005, placing diversity as one of its important management policies. 2017 saw the company establish a Diversity Promotion Office (currently, D&I Promotion Group), an organization dedicated to promoting diversity, to raise the level of support from helping employees’ work-life balance to supporting them to shine in the workplace, and enhance the establishment of a system, education, and an environment to enable both men and women to demonstrate their capabilities and skills to the maximum extent. The organization’s actions led to an increase in the number of female managerial employees and candidates to managerial positions, and more male employees participating in child-rearing. These improvements resulted in positive evaluations by external organizations, such as the acquisition of a three-star Eruboshi status and the company being selected as a Nadeshiko brand. We continue to promote the creation of a company where each and every employee can work comfortably and actively.

*Nidec endorses the declaration by the “Association of Male Leaders who Promote Women to Shine,” which is supported by the Japanese government's Cabinet Office.


Improve the ratio of female managers in the company’s workforce to 8.0%.

The company enhances its talent management system and support for employees' career planning.

Propose actions to top executives

Nidec stock gets selected for Nadeshiko brand 2019.
The company works on the following actions: launching a nursing information website, improving the company's teleworking and staggered work shift system, promoting male employees to take a childcare leave, etc.
The company introduces a spouse transfer leave system.
Other events that took place this year include: revision of the comeback system, participation in the Nikkei Womenomics Project and the JWEF (Japan Women Engineers Forum), career seminars, and acquisition of a three-star eruboshi status.
The company introduces three systems (home working, staggered work shifts, and hourly-based time-off systems) and a return-from-childcare-leave support program, issues a childcare & nursing guidebook, holds a career seminar, and acquires a two-star eruboshi status.
Employees propose systems and measures for female employees to shine to the company’s top executives, the company holds a lecture by an outside guest and an internal seminar by a female department GM.

Employees participate in a project activity.

The company holds self-improvement and skill development study sessions, issues an official publication, and holds gatherings, internal surveys, follow-up for employees on childcare & maternity and childcare leaves, lectures by outside guests, etc.

Posters for the Positive Actions (PA) program

The company holds career advancement lectures and workplace gatherings, and launches a role-model development project.
The company builds a site-specific activity promotion system.
The company launches measures for work-life balance.

Evaluation of Nidec on its promotion of empowering women

Eruboshi (L Star) certification (level 3) in August 2018


Nadeshiko brand for FY2018
in March 2019


Semi-Nadeshiko for FY2020
in March 2021

*Eruboshi certification: A certification by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for companies with an excellent track record of activities and status to promote the empowering of women.
*Nadeshiko brand: A brand given by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange to companies with an excellent track record of empowering women.
*Semi-Nadeshiko status: A status given to companies, jointly selected and announced by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as those equivalent to Nadeshiko-brand companies

Change in the number of female managerial employees and female employees (as of the end of each FY): Nidec Corporation

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Female managerial employees 19 21 32 34 33
Female employees 415 449 550 562 529

Support for building a good work-life balance

Nidec Corporation, a company that respects the diversity of human resources, is creating a work environment where all employees can demonstrate their skills and abilities to the maximum extent by having in place the following systems to support employees’ work-life balance:

In April 2018, as part of its support for employees to continue their work careers, the company introduced a spouse transfer leave system, and revised the comeback system (the former re-employment system). In addition, the company revised its sick/injured childcare and nursing care leave systems in April 2020, to enable employees to take time off "by the hour", an improvement from "half a day".

Work-life balance and career-building support by Nidec Corporation

System Description
Childcare leave An employee can take the leave until the day before his/her child’s first birth day; however, if any special reason exists, the time limit can be extended until April 30 of the year when the child turns 3.
Flexible work hours for childcare and nursing purposes An employee can have flexible work hours so long as the employee works for at least 6 hours day. This system applies to an employee until his/her child becomes a third-grade student at an elementary school.
Home working This system, which is intended to reduce commuting-caused burden and help employees maintain a good work-life balance, allows employees to work home (unit: half a day).
Staggered work shifts Employees can move their daily eight-hour work slot up and down the company’s work schedule based on a plan.
Paid days off for prenatal checkup An employee in/after Week 12 of pregnancy can take paid half a day off for each prenatal checkup.
Comeback system Those who left the company for a certain reason can apply for re-employment up to six years after their departure.
Spouse transfer leave system An employee who needs to accompany his/her spouse being transferred (in Japan or overseas) can be on a leave for up to three years.
A Return-to-Work Support Program Nidec introduced a return-to-work support program (by setting up a point of contact to support a female employee throughout her pregnancy until she returns to work, and another point of contact to help a female employee to return to work). In addition, the company interviews a female employee before she returns to work to see the style she wishes to work with to ensure a smooth return to work.
Sick/injured child care leave An employee can take up to 5 days a year per child in units of an hour (limited to 10 days for an employee with multiple children in the relevant age-range) until the child becomes a third-grade student at an elementary school.
Nursing care leave An employee can take up to 5 paid days off per family member in units of an hour (limited to 10 days for an employee with multiple family members in need of nursing care).
Paid days off in units of an hour or half a day An employee can take paid time off in units of an hour or half a day.
Partial payment for childcare fees The company provides an employee with an ancillary allowance for using a non-registered childcare facility for up to two years before the child enters school.
Baby sitting and other support services Employees can utilize baby-sitting, nursing, and other services (provided by an outside company), while being able to purchasing childcare and nursing goods at a discount rate, and to using consultation services.

Changes in the number of employees on childcare leave, ratio of the employees on childcare leave, and the number of employees on the short work hours system (as of the end of each FY): Nidec Corporation

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Employees on childcare leave 34 22 40 41 25
Ratio of those who returned to work 96.3% 97.8% 89.3% 90.0% 100.0%
Employees on the short work hour system 68 91 112 102 115

Actions for LGBT* employees

Nidec Corporation, a company that respects diversity, tries to create a workplace where LGBT* employees can demonstrate their personal characteristics, and their identity is respected. Nidec's work rules stipulate that employees must respect each other's personality and work together regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc., and, as part of this effort, we apply the personnel rules that apply to employees' spouses to same-sex partners as well.

*LGBT: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

Hiring people with disabilities

At Nidec, employees are promoted and given chances as individuals regardless of their gender, academic background, age, etc. To support people with disabilities to be employed, the company hosts a tour at its head office as part of its active efforts to hire them. In addition, the company is actively promoting a barrier-free working environment by, for example, building slopes, multi-purpose toilets, and parking spaces for people in wheelchairs, to help people with disabilities to work comfortably.

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