General Manager's Message

From "No.1 in product" to "No.1 in technology, too."
Buildup of research and development network for the next leap forward.

Businesses related to motorization of cars, energy saving home appliances, robots, logistics revolution, and 5G are growing, and Nidec’s business portfolio is really changing according to those movements.

In this situation, our mission is to take action ahead of the changes. We founded R&D centers in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan in 2012 and started global research activities centered on Asia. And 5 years have passed since we opened the R&D center in Kawasaki, a city on the outskirts of Tokyo, in 2014. Although it is still small, several business eggs have been incubated during the years. We’ll develop them certainly and make them hatch and grow into business.

Fortunately, Nidec has many products that have top market share, such as spindle motors for HDDs with an 85% worldwide share, and possesses immense know-how and strong "technology." Furthermore, the Nidec Group with more than 300 affiliates has not only technologies of motors, but also peripheral technologies such as gear reducer technology, control technology, circuit technology, equipment technology, optical technology, cooling technology, etc. Taking advantage of these technologies, collaborating the R&D members of Business Units, combining new technologies produced by R&D Centers in Kawasaki, Singapore and Taiwan, also the technologies produced by Nidec Center for Industrial Science in Kyoto, and adding the latest technologies around the world, we create new value.

We accumulate the above new valued technologies as techno stocks (database of technology) and apply to various fields, and also promote matrix-type research and development management, that means convergence of the elemental technology and the application, then create new products and new businesses. We’ll build our "No. 1 in technology" brand in addition to the "No. 1 in product" brand and expand this brand all over the world.

Vice PresidentJunichiro Nakayama

April 1986 Joined Sharp Corporation
October 2006 Head of Technology Strategy Planning Office, Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc.
April 2012 Head of Technology Strategy Planning Office, Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc.
April 2015 Executive Vice President of Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc.
October 2016 Joined Nidec Corporation as Senior General Manager of New Business Development BU
November 2017 Deputy Head of Nidec Research and Development Center
June 2019 Vice President Head of Nidec Research and Development Center

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