Nagano Technical Center

In addition to developing HDD spindle motors, it is responsible for creation of prototypes, production line automation, and process improvement.

Functions and Roles

Nagano Technical Center is the development base of the FDBM (Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motor) Business Unit and, in collaboration with Central Technical Laboratory, is responsible for carrying out development of HDD spindle motors, one of our core products. In this age of big data, HDD is increasing its presence as the key recording medium of computers. Its memory density is still increasing by 30 to 40% per year. HDD spindle motors fulfill the core function of HDD as a hard disc drive device. Nidec leads the HDD spindle market with its 80% share. Nagano Technical Center is responsible not only for development of HDD spindle motors but also for creating prototypes, supporting launching of volume production, improving the processes for higher efficiency and systemization. HDD spindle motors developed at Nagano Technical Center are shipped to plants in Thailand, the Philippines and China for volume production there.

Efforts and Achievements Reflected in Products

                   HDD Spindle Motors

This center launches various product development projects ahead of its competitors. It has, for example, for the first time in the world and in collaboration with Central Technical Laboratory developed a 7-mm thick HDD spindle motor, a promising product for use in Ultrabook and tablet PCs. Dimensional precision of semiconductor levels and clean environments are necessary in order to produce HDDs, a product that is increasingly being miniaturized. Nagano Technical Center is fully equipped with analytical devices and testing environments including the microelement analysis device and the detection setup cable used to cover up to picogram and nanogram doses.

Facilities and Experimental Apparatuses

Hemi-anechoic room
A special measuring system is prepared for the sounds. This is a critical factor when evaluating product characteristics.
Development Experimental Lab
Different types of experimental labs are set up to support the various phases from the product design up to volume production. Cutting-edge equipment is used in experiments to improve product performance.
Clean room
Labs of various sizes have been built for different purposes. Various apparatuses are used to maintain the necessary level of cleanliness in each laboratory including ISO Class 5 or above of the main clean room.
Production Technology Experimental Lab
The Lab is used to enhance efficiency and automation of production line facilities during the volume production phase.
This gas chromatograph mass spectrometer provides mass spectrography up to picogram order (-12 power of 10), a level of precision that is 100 times that available from the existing one.
Flight-of-time secondary ion mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS)
This flight-of-time secondary ion mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS) is used for inspecting components (atoms and molecules) in solid specimens. It detects components with ultralow volumes up to ppm order and can be used for both organic and inorganic substances.
Microscopic laser Raman spectrometer
The microscopic laser Raman spectrometer provides the ability to carry out three-dimensional measurements of chemical states of substances of submicron to nanometer in size.
Acceptance Inspection Room
This is used for acceptance inspections of parts and materials used for assembling a prototype. Measurement of submicron order of dimensions and microscopic shapers can be measured at this facility. This facility not only responds to customers' demands but also eliminates differences in measurements between suppliers and our plants.

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