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Nidec Leroy-Somer's Technical Capabilities

Since 1919, Leroy-Somer has been present wherever people have needed to produce electricity and transmit movement. Leading manufacturer of industrial motors and alternators as well as related electronic controllers. Through this extensive acquired experience, Leroy-Somer’s engineers and technicians are able to offer you reliable, innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, in all types of industry (e.g. food processing, marine, automotive, oil & gas, power generation, logistics & handling, robotics...).

Industrial, custom-engineered and special alternators for all applications

TAL industrial alternators up to 1000 kVA - all-purpose performance
LSA industrial alternators up to 4000 kVA - for special applications
LSAM marine alternators up to 2400 kVA
LSAC cogeneration & prime alternators up to 1400 kVA

For all prime movers
Reciprocating engines - diesel or gas
Steam or gas turbines - high speed
Wind turbines
Hydro turbines
Nuclear - for emergency gensets

Traction alternators for rail & off-highway
Variable speed alternators for Telecom
Motor-Generator sets for line conditioning & transformer testing
Totally enclosed IP 55 & ATEX
400 Hz alternator for aircrafts ground power

Industrial Motor, Brake, Gear, Drive & Servo Technologies

Nidec Leroy-Somer is a world leader in electromechanical and electronic drive system offering a full range of technologies covering any type of industries, applications and environments :  - Induction Motors - Brake Motors - Geared Motors - Synchronous motors - Gearless motors - AC & DC drives - Soft starters & Controllers - Servo Motors - Geared Servo.

Standard and Custom Servo Motors & Geared Servo Technologies for Motion applications

Nidec Leroy-Somer offers a complete range of servo motors, DC Brushed & BLDC Brushless Solution, BLDC drives, integrated and PCB, high precision Gearboxes.

High-power variable speed drives

Nidec Leroy-Somer range of high-power modular drives is a ready to use, compact, reliable and user-friendly solution. The combination of power modules allows multiple optimized configurations: 6 or multiple pulse rectifiers, low harmonics, regenerative or DC bus solutions. Our drives provide high-performance control of induction & PM motors, an ideal choice for any industrial or commercial variable speed application (pumping, ventilation, compression, etc.) and any environment with an IP21 or IP 54 protection. From 45 to 250 kW, our drives are available in a wall mount version. In addition to their compactness, they provide great flexibility in terms of mounting arrangements.  Above 250 kW up to 1 500 kW, they are available in a free standing cabinet. Various air or liquid cooling arrangements are available. Both versions are serviceable offering high level of reliability, preventive alarms, diagnostic tools and modularity for minimum downtime. For artificial lift, Leroy-Somer has developed a dedicated offering with options for export pumps, PCP, ESP and ESPCP, Onshore and Offshore installations including Atex solutions.

High efficiency and reliability motors technologies

As a world specialist of industrial electrical motors, Nidec Leroy-Somer offers a full range of induction and synchronous reluctance permanent magnet motor technologies, up to IE5 efficiency level. The extensive range covers fixed or variable speed applications, standard or explosive atmospheres, with many options available. 
The proven high reliability Induction motor range includes many variants, up to 1500 kW: Single & Three phase motors - With integrated drives - ATEX dust & gaz - Smoke extraction. 
Synchronous reluctance Permanent Magnet motors are based on Induction motor components offering reliability, robustness, efficiency, and flexibility. Power range from 11 to 430 kW.

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