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Nidec Machinery's Technical Capabilities

As a manufacturer of FA equipment for automation and labor-saving systems, Nidec Machinery aims to develop unique products.

Nidec Machinery's Manufacturing System

Our expertise in mechanical design, control design, and software design, combined with our unique track record and experience and a wide range of technologies and skills, enables us to help customers solve their issues and problems.

Precision drive control technology cultivated by robots etc. Taking advantage of the latest computer simulation technology, energy-saving and micro-fabrication are keywords, and efforts to precision fluid control devices are also strengthened. Achieves product development for high-performance fans and pumps.

We respond to customer needs with a consistent production system.

1. As a manufacturer of FA equipment for automation and labor-saving systems, we aim to develop unique products.
 2. We pursue high performance, short delivery time and low cost through global and innovative management with an integrated production system for development, design and manufacturing (process, assembly, adjustment, installation).

 3. We respond to increasingly sophisticated customer needs in the fields of assembly, measurement and testing, which are indispensable for innovation in advanced technologies.

Nidec Machinery is dedicated to technological innovation.

We have advanced manufacturing facilities and assembly and test operation spaces at our production bases in Japan and China.
We improve the reliability of our products by constantly procuring the most appropriate materials on a global basis according to the required specifications, and attain an even higher level of quality, low cost, and short delivery time by offering processed parts and small lot production in addition to standard products.

A group of professional engineers who cast 'dreams' into 'shape'

In recent years, technological innovation in the IT industry and economic growth in emerging countries have been remarkable.
In order to develop products in such an environment, "Professional group who has the customer's perspective" is essential.
We provide production solutions that make customers' dreams come true with passion to pursue our ideals and innovative ideas, while our engineers are fully committed to everything from development to manufacturing.
We will continue to aim to be a Think & Try Innovation Company in the field of production equipment by thinkin

The 4 core competencies that support our Company

We have developed many production facilities, which have been supporting the production process of precision motors for a long time.
Based on this experience, we have carefully nurtured the 4 core competencies of "Automation, Inspection, Winding, and Coating Technologies." Leveraging these competencies, we offer specialized standard products, which are now used and well-received by many customers.
We are improving these technologies on a daily basis, not only in pursuit of performance and quality, but also in consideration of cost reduction to overcome global competition.
We will continue to evolve our existing technologies, while taking on challenges to create new core technologies.

            Core Technologies and Features

Core Technologies and Features

This section introduces our core technologies and features.

*Standardized modular structure for automation
The high-speed, high-precision transport system and the modular structure enable a quick vertical start-up.
We can propose construction of flexible production lines that allow staged investment based on production volumes and easy process changes.

Nidec Machinery draws on the extensive knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience in supporting the manufacturing technologies of Nidec Group, the "World's No. 1 comprehensive motor manufacturer," to manufacture a wide range of automated equipment.
By automating every process from assembly to inspection and eliminating the need for human labor, we contribute significantly to improving product quality and production efficiency.

Inspection Technology

*Performance and characteristic tests of various motors
Induced voltage, advance angle, torque, load vibration, noise, and other characteristics tests
*Appearance and dimensional inspection by image inspection system
We propose an optimum system using our self-developed hardware and software that offer such functions as checking for shapes, foreign objects and defects, and reading characters and bar codes.

Inspection technology is essential for automating assembly. Our traceability function is widely used in many production sites around the world as the key to protecting Nidec's motor quality. It utilizes IoT technology and offers automated inspection and testing functions to assure product quality, including measurement of component and assembly dimensions as well as performance tests, electrical characteristics tests, and durability tests of finished products.

Winding Technology

*Development and manufacture of winding machines
Outer winding (thin/medium/heavy)
Inner rotor winding (thin/medium)
Split core winding (monad to tetrad)
Linear expanded core winding

As one of the most important technologies that determine motor performance, we develop and manufacture winding machines and peripheral equipment for all types of motors, from ultra-thin wires to thick wires, from small precision motors to appliance motors and automotive EV motors, contributing to the production of high-quality, high-performance motors by Nidec.

Coating Technology

*Various air pressure feed dispensers
Construction of an automatic coating system using dispensers
*Powder coating
Construction of a continuous processing system for insulating resin, from thin film coating to curing

Demand for fine application of solders and adhesives is increasing day by day due to the miniaturization of electronic components and products. Our self-developed contactless JET dispenser "SONICJET" achieves stable discharge with a spot diameter of 200 μm or less, which was previously impossible. By combining this system with our automation technology and inspection technology, we will propose an optimal automated coating system that best meets your application needs and purposes.

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