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Nidec Machine Tool was founded in 1939 as a machine tool manufacturer and joined the Nidec Group in 2021. To date, we have produced machine tools and precision cutting tools for high-efficiency, high-precision machining of gears, which are indispensable to machinery and equipment such as automobiles and robots, as well as machine tools for
machining large parts for power generation , aerospace, construction machinery, and more. Even as times change, there are things which remain indispensable. One of those is “Monozukuri”, the art of manufacturing which supports people’s lives. Machine tools are the mother machines of all industries, and as the core of industrial competitiveness,
machine tools with high productivity will continue to be in demand. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Nidec’s founding. Nidec’s machine tool business is expanding, with Nidec OKK joining in 2022, and PAMA S.p.A. of Italy, one of the world’s largest horizontal boring and milling machine makers, joined the Nidec Group in February of this year. As “One Nidec “, we will join forces to contribute to developing the world’s manufacturing industry, and together, we aspire to become the world’s largest machine tool manufacturer.

President and CEO
Representative director
Haruhiko Niitani
President and CEO
Representative director Haruhiko Niitani

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