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Double-Column, 5-Face Milling Machine MVR-Hx series

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Do more with Five-face Milling. Added freedom for machining.



  • Distance between columns (mm)
  • 2,050
  • Distance from table top to spindle nose (mm)
  • std. 1,650
    opt. 2,010


  • Distance between columns (mm)
  • 2,550
  • Distance from table top to spindle nose (mm)
  • std. 1,650
    opt. 2,010


  • Distance between columns (mm)
  • 3,250
  • Distance from table top to spindle nose (mm)
  • std. 1,850
    opt. 2,150


  • Distance between columns (mm)
  • 3,750
  • Distance from table top to spindle nose (mm)
  • std. 1,850
    opt. 2,150


  • Distance between columns (mm)
  • 4,250
  • Distance from table top to spindle nose (mm)
  • std. 2,150

2022 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun 52nd Machine Industry Design Award IDEA Award Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association Award


Outstanding accuracy

The spindle core cooling that suppresses thermal displacement

  • It reduces steps and bites on the machined surface.
  • High-precision machining is possible at the speed range from low to high.
Vertical Spindle Structure
Vertical Spindle Structure

The sample surface is divided into areas and processed with 5 tools.
Rotation speed to 4,000 to 8,000 min-1 for each tool, the step at the area boundary is 3.5 μm at the maximum.


Thermo-stabilizer column maintains geometric accuracy without being affected by changes in environmental temperature

  • Setup is possible without worrying about temperature changes over time
  • The origin does not go out of order even during long-time machining, reducing the frequency of centering.
Vertical Spindle Structure

Prominent cutting ability

Powerful heavy cutting on both vertical and horizontal axes

φ160mm milling cutter
(Vertical spindle)
φ160mm milling cutter(Vertical spindle)
Standard spindle 8,000min-1 specification
φ160mm milling cutter
(Right angle head)
φ160mm milling cutter(Right angle head)
Standard spindle 8,000min-1 specification
φ563 large diameter boring
(Vertical spindle)
φ563 large diameter boring(Vertical spindle)
Torque up spindle (Opt.)
M64 tap
(Right angle head)
M64 tap(Right angle head)
Standard spindle 8,000min-1

Versatile performance

Many kinds of attachments and package options available

You can select the attachment according to the shape of part of workpieces such as narrow part, inclined surface, free curved surface, or to the machining method like high-speed machining, high-precision machining etc.

Example of attachment according to part shapes
Example of attachment according to part shapes
Right angle head Powerful Right angle head
High Right angle head
Small Right angle head
Extension head Extension head (long)
Extension head (short)
Extension head (small diameter)
High speed Extension head
High speed Extension head (built-in motor)
Universal head Universal head (offset type)
Universal head (center head)
High speed universal head
5-axis machining head 5-axis (NC2-axis) attachment

"Operability" that expands the possibilities

  • 15 inch large screen, touch screen operation panel
  • Equipped with the latest NC FANUC 31i-MODEL B Plus
  • "Tool magazine operation panel" with touch panel allows you to call pot numbers and edit tool data
'Tool magazine operation panel' is placed near the magazine
"Tool magazine operation panel" is placed near the magazine


Item / Model MVR28/34Dχ MVR33/39Dχ MVR38/44Dχ MVR43/49Dχ
Table Working area Width (mm) 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500
Length (mm) 4,000
(opt. 5,000, 6,000, 8,000)
(opt. 6,000, 8,000)
Loading capacity (ton/m) 25/4.0 (opt. 30/5.0, 36/6.0, 48/8.0) 35/5.0 (opt. 42/6.0, 56/8.0)
Throat clearance between columns (mm) 2,850 3,350 3,850 4,350
Distance from spindle end to table surface (mm) 2,050 3,050 3,050
(opt. 2,550, 3,050) (opt. 2,050, 2,550) (opt. 3,550, 4,050)
(opt. 3,550, 4,050) (opt. 3,550, 4,050) -
Ram Ram size (mm) □400
Spindle speed (min-1) 7 to 4,000
Spindle motor output (continuous/30 min) (kW) 37/45 (opt. 45/55)
ATC tool storage capacity (pcs) 60
(opt. 80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 240)
Machine weight (kg/working area mm) 107,000/4,000 110,000/4,000 118,000/5,000 121,000/5,000

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