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High-precision Gear Shaping Machines SE25FR/FR Plus, SC40FR

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The high prerecision gear shaping machines SE25FR/FR Plus, SC40FR meet customer demands for high-precision and high-speed processing for gears used in precision reducers etc.

SE25FR/FR Plus

  • Max. workpiece diameter (mm)
    External gear:φ250
    Internal gear:⌀120 + cutter P.C.D.
  • Max. module
    SE25FR : 2.5
    SE25FR Plus : 1.25


  • Max. workpiece diameter (mm)
    External gear:φ400
    Internal gear: ⌀250 + cutter P.C.D.
  • Max. module


High-precision processing (SE25FR, SC40FR)

High-precision worm gear is used for the cutter head and table to suppress rotation fluctuations for high-precision processing

Processing example (SE25FR)

Workpiece specifications

Mn 0.4 mm
Number of teeth 162
Helix angle 0 deg
Gear tip diameter Approx. 64 mm
Gear width 13 mm
Hardness Approx. HB300

Processing conditions

Number of strokes 750 str/min
Cutting speed 63.6 m/min
Circumferential feed 0.416 mm/str
Radial feed 0.002 mm/str
Processing time 2.08 min

Cutter specifications

Type Shank manufactured by MAT
Number of teeth 106
Material MX-1
Coatings Mighty Shield
Pitch accuracy equivalent to ISO 0 class is achieved


Item / Model SE25FR SE25FR Plus SC40FR
Max. workpiece diameter External gear (mm) ⌀250 ⌀400
Internal gear (mm) ⌀120 + cutter P.C.D. ⌀250 + cutter P.C.D.
Max. module 2.5 1.25 4
Max. gear width (mm) 60 115
Spindle stroke speed (str/min) 180 to 1,800 50 to 800
No of cutting 1 to 4
Main motor power (continuous rating) (kW) 7.5
No of controlled axes 5
Total electric power (kVA) 24 29 31
Machine weight (kg) 9,000 9,500 10,000

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