NIDEC ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY's mission is to contribute to the manufacturing over the world with our original measurement and inspection technology.

Aim to Establishing De-facto Standards Solutions

NIDEC ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY has been established in 1991 and distributed test solutions which evaluates wire conductivity on the surface of printed circuit board. Today, "Printed circuit board" is an important component for information and communication device, mobile equipment, consumer electronic, automotive & trasnportation, industrial machinery and medical equipment so that quality inspection will be the crucial process to affect on product reliability in the end.

NIDEC-READ brings industry-leading technology to broad area of measurement and inspection operations.

When printed circuit board does not work properly, the mounted components on the board also will have a problem to play their roles. Therefore, NIDEC-READ believes that our established inspection & measurement technologies have an effect on electric components and final products as well as printed circuit board itself.

Consequently,since these testing & measurement technologies are playing a key role which determines quality of test object, we can regard these technologies itself as "measures". We believe that for the sake of these measures, our customer over the world today is able to operate their manufacturing with confidence. NIDEC-READ seeks further development to aim to distribute "De-facto standard" for testing & measurement technologies.

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