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NIDEC GPM was founded in 1939 and began manufacturing pumps in 1949. We have been working on advanced pump technologies for 80 years and have been developing them continuously. Thanks to the innovative results, our products make a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 and saving fuel – combined with incomparably good reliability.

The merger with the NIDEC Group in 2015 enabled us to combine our outstanding know-how in the field of pumps with NIDEC's excellent capabilities in the field of electric motors. This opened up new perspectives because we were already a leader in the market for mechanical, switchable and variable-speed pump systems. As part of the NIDEC Automotive Motor & Electronic Control Business Unit, we have taken another leap forward and can offer thermal management solutions for all drive systems – regardless of the renewable source.

Timeline and impressions

1939 The Karl Schmidi company is founde, making precision aeroplane components. 
1949 Starts manufacturing water pumps and repairing old water pumps for vehicles.
1958 Producion supplier o water pumps to Horch, Sachsenring Zwickau and Eisenach Automobile Factory.
1967 First gold medal at the Leipzig trade fair for water pumps for HGV diesel engines.
1972 Company is nationalised (under the Communist Regime) and becomes VEB GPM. 
1990 Reprivatisation under the Senior Partner, Dr. Eugen Schmidt and becomes "Geräte- und Pumpenbau GmbH Dr. Eugen Schmidt. 
2001 Foreign location is established in Brazil and the German Merbelsrod location is expanded.
2008 Subsidaries founded, GPM Automotive Pumps, in Suzhou China and GPM North America Corporation (Office) in Troy, USA.
2013 Winner of the Automotive News PACE award for variable ECF water pump in Detroit.
2015 GPM becames part of the NIDEC Group of companies.
2015 Start of development of electrical oil and water pumps.
2016 First nomination for serial production of the electrical water pump by a major German OEM.
2017 Set-up of a production site in Hungary.

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