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NGPM GmbH can look back over more than 80 years of experience in the automotive supplier industry. The way we see it is: putting innovations on the road is our tradition. It is this characteristic combination of well-founded experience and an open approach to new developments that has secured NGPM a place as an A-grade supplier in the global automotive industry over many years.Our ruggedly constructed generators have survived the harshest environments, and our commitment to meeting customer needs has made the Kato name synonymous with dependable power generation worldwide.

Name Nidec GPM GmbH
Founded: 1939
Head Office: Schwarzbacher Straße 28 98673 Auengrund OT Merbelsrod · Germany
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Business: R&D and manufacturing of water pumps, oil pumps and modules for the automotive industry; wide range of OEM customers (passenger cars and commercial vehicles)

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