Privacy Policy

Nidec Mobility Corporation (hereafter referred to as "Nidec Mobility") recognizes the importance of personal information, and makes all efforts to safeguard personal information provided by customers and related parties (including name, company name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address), and to ensure this information is handled in an appropriate manner.

1.Definition of Personal Information

“Personal Information” means information that can help identify specific individuals as defined by the “Act on Protection of Personal Information”, including but not limited to the name, age, telephone number, email address, address and employer of an individual as well as information on products or services purchased by an individual, information on inquiries made by an individual and ID numbers.

2.Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection and Management


  1. (1)Nidec Mobility Corporation will collect, use and provide Personal Information in an appropriate manner.
  2. (2)Nidec Mobility Corporation will make best efforts to ensure personal data to be precise and up-to-date.
  3. (3)Nidec Mobility Corporation will take necessary and appropriate measures to manage personal data including protecting personal data against unauthorized access, loss, leak and damage.
  4. (4)Nidec Mobility Corporation will comply with laws, regulations and the guidelines for them as well as internal rules on Personal Information.
  5. (5)When contracting the handling of personal data to a third party, Nidec Mobility Corporation will only entrust to a contractor who meets the requirements based on Nidec Mobility Corporation’s internal rules. Nidec Mobility Corporation will manage such contractors in an appropriate manner.
  6. (6)Nidec Mobility Corporation will continue to try improving protection of Personal Information.

3.Name of Business Operator handling Personal Information

Nidec Mobility Corporation

4.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Nidec Mobility Corporation will ensure that, in the process of providing its products and services, it will obtain Personal Information necessary to carry out its business through the Nidec Mobility Corporation business entities (as described in 4(1) below) for the purposes of use (as described in 4(2) below), and that it will handle Personal Information within the scope of the purposes.

  1. (1)Nidec Mobility Corporation’s Businesses Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of electrical machines / equipment and software for automobiles, prime movers, lawn mowers, agricultural machineries, small ships and generators.
  2. (2)Purposes of Use of Personal Information
    1. (a)Providing customers with products and services that Nidec Mobility Corporation and its subsidiaries and partners offer (“Products”) and maintenance of them.
    2. (b)Planning, development, manufacturing, sales and installation of Products and distributing information such as information on Products.
    3. (c)Managing contractual relationship related to providing Products and other business activities.
    4. (d)Advertising and holding campaigns, exhibits and other events to promote Products.
    5. (e)Providing and distributing brochures, CD-ROMs, materials and samples of Products.
    6. (f)Conducting surveys on Products and analysis of the results.
    7. (g)Ensuring the security of Nidec Mobility Corporation’s business bases.
    8. (h)Answering the inquiries to Nidec Mobility Corporation.

5.Joint Use

Nidec Mobility Corporation uses Personal Information within the purposes described in 4 above, jointly with domestic and overseas affiliates of Nidec Mobility Corporation, joint research partners, dealers, agents, etc. Nidec Mobility Corporation is responsible for the management of such Personal Information.
  1. The types of Personal Information subject to joint use hereof
    Name, address, telephone number, email address, face and other biological information, etc.
  2. The scope of persons who have access to joint use
    Domestic and overseas affiliates of Nidec Mobility Corporation, joint research partners, dealers, agents, educational research institutions, local governments, etc.
  3. The purpose of joint use
    The purpose of use described in 4 above.
  4. The entity responsible for the management of Personal Information
    Nidec Mobility Corporation

6.Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Nidec Mobility Corporation will not disclose or provide personal data to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. (1)When required by laws and regulations.
  2. (2)When necessary to protect life, well being or property of the Persons in Question, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of them.
  3. (3)When necessary particularly for improving public health or promoting healthy growth of children, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Persons in Question.
  4. (4)When necessary to provide cooperation to national agencies, municipalities, or entities which are entrusted by such governmental organizations in the performance of their tasks required by laws and regulations, and when obtaining consent from the Persons in Question can hinder the proper execution of such tasks.
  5. (5)When contracting out a part of or the entire operations to a contractor for facilitating smooth operations. In this case, Nidec Mobility Corporation will conclude an agreement with the contractor on the handling and protecting of Personal Information and manage such information in an appropriate manner.
  6. (6)When the consent of Persons in Question has been obtained in advance.
  7. (7)When Personal Information is provided within the scope of the joint use as described in 5 above.
  8. (8)When a business is transferred and succeeded.

7.Individual terms of use

For the Personal information obtained based on the consent to an individual terms of use, such individual terms are applied, and the conditions hereof are applied to the extent not stated in the individual terms of use.

8.Information needed for Requesting Disclosure, etc.

Nidec Mobility Corporation will promptly respond to requests, within a reasonable scope, for disclosure of stored personal data, revision, addition or deletion of the contents, suspension of use or deletion of such data (“Request for Disclosure, etc.”). The procedures for such requests are as follows.

  1. (1)Where to send requests for disclosure, etc.
    Please mail your request to the contacts provided in 10 below. Please mark the envelop with “Request for Disclosure, etc.” in red.
  2. (2)Documents (forms) to be submitted with “Request for Disclosure, etc.”
    When sending a “Request for Disclosure, etc.”, please download the request form as described in (a) below and fill in all the spaces provided. Please enclose the ID documents described in (b) below and a return envelop with the address of the Person in Question (the same address as on the ID) and mail them to the address provided in 10 below. When requesting to notify or disclose the purpose of use, please return an addressed and stamped return envelop as described in (c) below. 。
    1. (a)Request form prescribed by Nidec Mobility Corporation

      attached file

    2. (b)ID document
      One of the following documents
      1. a seal registration certificate (when a seal is affixed on the request form)
      2. Copy of driver’s license
      3. Copy of passport
      4. Copy of alien registration card
      5. Copy of residence card
      6. Copy of special permanent resident certificate
        Or, a copy of each of the following documents:
      7. Copy of either health insurance card or pension book;
      8. Copy of family register or resident register
    3. [When a request is made by an agent:]
      I. An agent with power of attorney: One copy of each of the following:
      1. Power of attorney (affixed with a registered seal)
      2. Seal registration certificate for the seal affixed on power of attorney
      3. Documents to prove the agent’s identity (The same ID documents as required for the Person in Question above.)
    4. II. When a request is made by a legal representative: One copy of each of the following:
      1. i. For a minor
      2. Copy of family resister of the Person in Question or copy of health insurance card with the names of dependents
      3. ii.For an adult ward
        Documents to prove registration as prescribed in Section 10 of the Act on Guardianship Registration, etc.
      1. Document to prove the right for legal representation for a minor or an adult ward.
      2. ID documents of the legal representative. (The same ID documents as required for the Person in Question above.)
    5. (c)Addressed and stamped return envelope
      Please write down the address of the Person in Question on the envelope.
      (The address on the ID documents for the Person in Question or his/her agent)
      When requesting to notify or disclose the purpose of use, please use “Letter Pack Plus 520”.
  3. (3)Reply to Request for Disclosure, etc.
    A reply will be made in writing and sent using the return envelop.

9.When Request for Disclosure, etc. cannot be granted:

A Request for Disclosure, etc. will not be granted when laws and regulations present the grounds and when there are flaws in the information presented in accordance with 8 above.

10.Contacts for inquires, requests for disclosure, etc. and filing complaints

Nidec Mobility Corporation, Corporate Planning Department
6368 Nenjozaka, Okusa, Komaki, Aichi, 485-0802 JAPAN
TEL:0568-78-6160 FAX:0568-78-6188

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