Business Summary

To continue creating value to Society, to our Customers.
We are creating new values with our integrated optmechatronics technology.

Business Field


Domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers are always pursing more environmental and safety measures for
their vehicles. In ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is one of key elements , our various motors and
optical modules, with their high accuracy and reliability, are helping accomplish this, making automobiles have
more "Ecology & Safety".

Optical Components

Japan is commonly known as a "technology-oriented" country,
especially when it comes to the camera industry. We are a major part of this industry as the world's
number one camera shutter manufacturer. Thanks to our "Optomechatronics" Technology,
there are currently a wide range of parts and modules available
and used for our everyday lives, with more on the way.

Mobile Device Components

The use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, is rapidly increasing. The components used in these
mobile devices need to constantly evolve. The requirements and specifications for these components demand high
accuracy, quick responsiveness, and high durability. Also, there is always the need for Mobile Device Components with
smaller size, lighter weight, and lower power consumption. With our advanced and cutting edge technologies, we are
able to meet our customer's requirements and demands in a timely fashion.

System Devices

Our motors are used for positioning and as angle sensors
in fields such as industrial robots,
measuring equipment, construction machinery, medical equipment,
broadcasting, telecommunications, and security systems.


We provide FA solutions along with equipment for factory innovation.
Our products are superior in QCD, with in-house production capabilities covering parts processing,
process design, and equipment assembly. In addition, we have expanded our products to
various equipment (robot・AGV) and capable of customization.

Trial Manufacture,Production of Jigs / Tools Div. , Die Design, Manufacturing Div.

Our expertise in precision parts manufacturing has helped with the development of highly sophisticated products.
We have an extensive range of precision manufacturing such as surface treatment, heat treatment, and painting.
Our facilities have a wide selection of ultra-high precision machinery such as presses, molds and dies, and cutters.
We are able to meet a wide range of customer demands by providing solutions with high quality, low cost, and short lead-time.

Medical and Healthcare Devices

An increase in health and medical care is occurring all over the world. Development of new and sophisticated
medical devices and equipment is underway. With a unique comprehensive technology, We are now offering products
specifically aimed for medical and healthcare equipment.

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