About us

Product and Bussiness fields

"Small-sized motor", "Unit/system product", "Fan", "Blower", "Sensor" and so on, we have a various product line-up.
Most of those products are not visible from the outside, but it works at very important position.
Those are used under many environment, such as office, factory, home, hospital and so on. We develop custom motors to cover such usage.

Product Line-up


Our Line-up has a various type of AC Fan and DC Fan.


Our line-up consists various products which is specified low noise and efficiency

Stepping motor

Our product brings high leveled control with position control system

Brushless DC motor

EC motor

This product is a high efficient DC motor with AC power.

DC motor

Our product brings longer life time and higher quality

AC motors & Gear Head

Our product brings various choice of gearbox.

Shaded-pool Motors

This product is a simple and durable.

Synchronous Motor

This product runs stable speed with synclonizing power frequency.

Ice maker

This product is ice maker for home refrigerator.

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