Nidec Read Corporation

On Saturday, July 15, 2019, our employees volunteered at “Gion Festival Zero Waste Campaign” event on behalf of Kyoto CSR Network * 1. This event encourages utilizing reusable tableware and utensils during the annual Gion Festival.
Gion Festival is one of Japan’s three major festivals and is a month long annual event in July attracting numerous domestic and foreign tourists.
Yoiyama, the main parade, is the high point of the event. Shijyo Karasuma, the main street of the downtown area is completely closed to vehicle traffic. Various street vendors line the street for pedestrians to enjoy. Yamaboko, the beautifully decorated floats, represent each neighbourhood and the rows of lanterns are lit up at night for all to enjoy.
Kyoto City is extremely strong in SDGs * 2 (1st in the national survey in the SDGs advanced city), and is aware that the annual waste disposal costs are heavily.
The environmental concern is the garbage that is left behind is in direct proportion to the number of visitors. The dozens of tons of waste generated by this even have a negative impact on the environment.
This is why the “Gion Festival Zero Waste Campaign” was launched in 2014. Specifically, the goal of the volunteers is to reduce waste generated close to zero by encouraging vendors to rent and utilize reusable tableware and utensils, separating out recyclable waste and cleaning up the street afterwards.
Our employees volunteered from 7 to 10 pm on the day of Yoi Yoiyama, two days before the main parade.
We picked up garbage, collected garbage from people sitting on the side of the road and the median strip. And also made directions to people coming from overseas.

Nidec-Read hopes to get more involved with the community groups and work together to resolve the local issues facing our community.

* 1 Kyoto CSR Network is an organization for CSR representatives and civil servants. They provide opportunities to exchange information, to learn, and to coordinate with different industries.

* 2 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) : Reference,