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I'll explain about a card leader of NIDEC INSTRUMENTS.
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS has developed a magnetic card reader in 1971. An effort was made on development of the card reader who is included in the finance system ATM where you can also find the reliability most at the inside (automated teller machine). The motor which conveys a cash card of course adopts an in-house developed product using strong point technology and also adopts an in-house kai product as the magnetic read/write head which reads a signal of a magnetic tape. NIDEC INSTRUMENTS had developed a magnetic tape recorder and a VCR mechanic organization then, and the magnetic reading technology built by those and precise mechanical technology improved the performance of the card reader on leaps and bounds.
By the way how many cash cards do you have? It's said that they're possessing 3.2 per one person by an investigation on some financial relations. E-cash was spreading recently, but we think the cash card is important as expected when saying well.
The cash card has started from United Kingdom London in 1967. Surprisingly, the beginning wasn't plastics, and it was made of paper. The magnetic card appeared for the first time in the United States in 1968. And the magnetic card type cash card was also introduced in Japan in 1969. The magnetic card started to be used widely at the equipment ATM where cash is drawn out automatically. The beginning ties 10 one thousand yen bills in bundle, and seems to have been the equipment to which we contribute in the state in the bag.
Now, ATM has been using magnetic cards for many years. The magnetic card was first developed by IBM as a security system for the US government. It is now widely used in bank cash cards and credit cards. I'm sure there are many in your wallet.

NIDEC INSTRUMENTS has a market share of 80% for card readers built into ATMs. We have gained the world's largest market share in the card reader called financial systems, which requires extremely high reliability. Please contact us when considering card reader. We will make some reliable and optimal proposals.

Technology on Card Reader
① Development and Manufacturing for Card Readers
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS has a rich history of product design and innovation. Beginning with the motor and magnetic head in the 1970’s NIDEC INSTRUMENTS has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of card readers that are used across a multitude of applications. Currently, many of our readers are used on devices such as ATM’s, POS fuel dispensers, gaming machines, self-serve kiosks, and many more.
② Write and Read for Magnetic Card
As part of Nidec’s global footprint, many of the magnetic heads used for magnetic reading/recording are designed by our engineers and manufactured in-house. NIDEC INSTRUMENTS’s circuits used for magnetic recording and reading are also designed onsite by our engineering team with the highest quality specifications in markets where the readers are introduced.
③ Contact IC Card Communication
Contact IC cards were introduced to cash cards and credit cards for security purposes. NIDEC INSTRUMENTS has been designing and manufacturing the contact IC cardreaders since the EMV standard was established. Under the current EMVCo® requirement, terminals with EMV spec must pass their approval. All NIDEC INSTRUMENTS card readers with IC Card Communication function are EMV Level 1 certified.
④ Contactless IC Card Communication
Due to the increase in popularity of contactless payment methods, NIDEC INSTRUMENTS now provides card readers for contactless IC Card communication. Accepted by major domestic and international card brands, NIDEC INSTRUMENTS readers also support contactless EMV specs. Both the card reader dimensions and antenna size can be altered to support your needs.
⑤ Security Measures for Fuel Pump Card Readers
While ATM’s are often under close surveillance, many fuel terminals have minimal security at best. Given the lack of surveillance at each fuel terminal NIDEC INSTRUMENTS has designed each reader so that it is safeguarded against fraudulent activity. NIDEC INSTRUMENTS has extensive knowledge of this process, and has the ability to design and manufacture readers so the users data is protected. Our fuel pump card readers with PCI PTS approval for security have been manufactured since 2008.
⑥ OEM Card Readers
Given many of NIDEC INSTRUMENTS’s card readers are listed online, we also have a wide variety that are specific to our OEM clients. These readers are designed to specifically meet the needs of each client. These readers are also manufactured by NIDEC INSTRUMENTS and should you need a customized design please contact the NIDEC INSTRUMENTS sales department.

PCI standard and PCI DSS

The PCI standard is a standard that defines physical and logical security requirements for devices that enter a PIN required for IC card credit payment. Officially called PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). It is a security standard for credit cards operated by the PCI SSC (PCI Security Standard Council) established by 5 major card companies in the world (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, VISA). To realize this standard, we have established PCI PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) and PCI PTS (PIN Transaction Security) POI (Point of Interaction). PCI PTS POI is a standard for security requirements of PINPAD which is PIN Entry Devices Program. Devices that comply with this standard can be used safely against external attacks and incorporate the latest technology and innovations that prevent the theft of important information.
Before PCISSC was established, each card company operated its own management program. However, it is commonplace for member stores and terminals to support multi-cards, and the five major card companies mentioned above have created and operated standards. Since then, due to globalization and the spread of the Internet, there have been problems with large-scale credit card damage and illegal use of cards, including forgery and kissing. Due to such problems, the protection of the personal identification number (PIN) by the personal identification number input device (PINPAD) is becoming very important for IC card credit payment.
It is recommended that the PCI standard be recognized by companies that process card information (banks, card merchants, payment agency services, telecommunications companies, etc.).
Please refer to the following URL for PCI DSS related information.
As mentioned above, NIDEC INSTRUMENTS card readers have a track record of over 80% of the world market share in ATMs with the strictest security. We have pursued a mechanical mechanism that is durable and does not break, and a structure that carefully and rapidly conveys the customer's card. We believe that the results have led to achievements around the world. In addition, we will provide the world's highest level of reliability card readers that support the above PCI DSS to the world, and will continue to support the safety and security of society.

The SCP100 is a card dispenser that integrates the functions of the dual-sided color printing process with a high-end card reader-writer. This card dispenser can be used for a variety applications including ATM’s and kiosks. Built with the manufacturer and end user in mind, the SCP100’s compact design offers a significant reduction in space and helps decrease your production cost as there is no longer a need for multiple devices.

Color Card Dispenser

The SCP100 is a card dispenser that integrates the functions of the dual-sided color printing process with a high-end card reader-writer. This card dispenser can be used for a variety applications including ATM’s and kiosks. Built with the manufacturer and end user in mind, the SCP100’s compact design offers a significant reduction in space and helps decrease your production cost as there is no longer a need for multiple devices.

Product Information Details

NIDEC INSTRUMENTS provides card readers and card dispenser machines that can be used for ATMs, transportation terminals, distribution terminals, etc.

Products List

No. Type Model Name Features Specification
Interface Magnetic
Read Track
IC Card
IC Card
Flat Card
Flat Card
Near End
Flat Card
Reject Stacker
1DIPICM320-3R2197Smallest DIP readerPDF12VUSBISO123-V------
2DIPICM330-3R91A0PCI PTS approved DIP readerPDF12VRS232CISO123-V------
3DIPICM333-3R91A0PCI and EMV L2 for Japanese parkingPDF12VRS232CISO12,JIS2-V------
4DIPICM350-3R1270Flat bezel DIP reader with RS232C interfacePDF12VRS232CISO123-V------
5DIPICM350-3R1395Flat bezel DIP reader with USB interfacePDF12VUSBISO123-V------
6DIPICM370-3R1896DIP reader with ceramics magnetic headPDF12VUSBISO123-V------
7DIPICM37A-3R1896DIP reader with metal detection and jammingPDF12V24VISO123-V------
8DIPMCM252-2R1191DIP reader for gaming machinePDFUSBUSBISO2--------
9DIPMCM252-2R3390DIP reader for gaming machine with colorful LED bezelPDFUSBUSBISO2--------
10DispenserMSP150-4AM4221Color card printer and dispenser with quad layout four hoppersPDF24VUSBISO123,JIS2VV14443A&B-V400 x 4612
11DispenserMST3Q8-3A3130Three hoppers dispenserPDF24VRS232CISO123VV---150 x 31520
12DispenserMST3Q8-3A3530Secure three hoppers dispenserPDF24VRS232CISO123VV---150 x 31520
13DispenserSCP100-0231Color card printer dispenserPDF24VUSBISO123VV14443A&B-V1501550
14DispenserSCP200-4A0241Desktop color card printer dispenserPDF24VUSBISO123,JIS2VV14443A&B-V
15DispenserSCT0M0-0130ID-1 contactless IC card dispenserPDF24VRS232C---14443A&B--45 - 5001545
16DispenserSCT3Q8-3AM232Hotel keys card dispenserPDF24VRS232CISO123VV14443A&B--2001520
17DispenserSCT3Q8-3H1230Secure single hopper dispenserPDF24VUSB,RS232CISO123VV---70 - 1501211
18DispenserSCT3Q8-3H1330Single hopper dispenserPDF24VUSB,RS232CISO123VV---200 - 5001211
19DispenserSCT3Q8-3H2130Nallow two hoppers dispenserPDF24VUSB,RS232CISO123VV---100 x 2612
20DispenserSCT3Q8-3HM2330Nallow two hoppers dispenser for hotel keysPDF24VUSB,RS232CISO123VV14443A&B--100 - 200 x 2610
21DispenserSCT4Q6-4A6031Dispenser for Japanese marketPDF24VRS232CISO123,JIS2VV---20015Free
22DispenserSHT300-0130ID-1 card dispenser without card communicationPDF24VRS232C------23515-
23DispenserSHT610-0730Variable size and tickness card dispenser (Max. 120 x 66 x 1.5 mm)PDF24VUSB------300 (ID-1)34 (ID-1)-
24DispenserSHT610-0830Paper wraped card dispenser (90.3 x 60.2 x 3.0 mm)PDF24VUSB------50 (3.0mm)5 (3.0mm)-
25MotorizeICT3K6-3R6940Motorize reader for Japanese marketPDF12VRS232CISO12,JIS2-V------
26MotorizeICT3K9-3R4245Contactless motorize reader in card transportPDF12VRS232CISO123-V14443A&B-----
27MotorizeICT3K9-3R6040Motorize reader for front side mountPDF12VRS232CISO123-V------
28MotorizeICT3K9-3R6940Standard motorize readerPDF12VRS232CISO123-V------
29MotorizeICT3Q8-3H0280Standard motorize writer / reader with RS232C interfacePDF24VRS232CISO123VV------
30MotorizeICT3Q8-3H2290Standard motorize writer / reader with USB interfacePDF24VUSBISO123VV------
31MotorizeICT3Q8-3HF2280Full options motorize writer / reader with RS232C interfacePDF24VRS232CISO123VV------
32MotorizeICT3Q8-3HF2290Full options motorize writer / reader with USB interfacePDF24VUSBISO123VV------
33MotorizeICT3S3-3R0130Openable card slot motorize readerPDF24VUSB,RS232CISO12,JIS2-V------
34MotorizeICT3S3-3R5130Openable card slot motorize reader with capture functionPDF24VUSB,RS232CISO12,JIS2-V------
35MotorizeICT3V5-3R9190Smallest motorize readerPDF12VUSBISO123-V14443A&B-----
36MotorizeSIR305-3R0490Long edge card insertion secure readerPDF24VUSBISO123-V------
37OEMICM0S0-013xExternal PCB with EMV Level 2 for Japanese marketPDF24/12VRS232C---------
38OEMISI221-0131Both side ID-1 card motorize scannerPDF24VUSBISO123---V----
39OEMISI300-0231Passport and ID-1 card manual scannerPDF15VUSB---14443A&BV----
40OEMIST221-0130ID-1 card both side motorized scannerPDF24VUSBISO123---V----
41OEMUNO-8Contactless credit card reader for ID-1 card and smartphonePDFUSBUSB---14443A&B-----
42SwipeMCI373-0292Desk top swipe readerPDFUSBUSBISO12,JIS2--------
43SwipeMCM30-3R5091Swipe reader with POS MSR interfacePDFUSBUSBISO123--------
44SwipeMCM33-3R5390Swipe reader for Japanese market with USB interfacePDFUSBUSBISO12,JIS2--------
45SwipeMCM383-2R1A1190Swipe reader with JIS2 write for Japanese fuel pumpPDFUSBUSBISO12,JIS2V-------

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