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Features of servo motors

Servo motors provided by NIDEC INSTRUMENTS, a core company of the world's leading motor manufacturer group, have the following features.
1. The development and design was done in Japan to achieve high performance and high quality.
2. We have realized a simple structure and made most of the parts in-house to pursue cost reduction.
3. Adopted a magnetic encoder developed and manufactured in-house to achieve the excellent of environmental resistance.
4. With a 23-bit resolution encoder line-up and 2.5 kHz response frequency support, high-precision machining is possible with your equipment.
5. We have lineup of amplifiers compatible with EtherCAT communication that we have developed in-house to realize easy connection with various controllers.

NIDEC INSTRUMENTS Servo Motor development story

We'll talk about by what kind of way of thinking a servo motor was developed.

"Though it's Japanese design quality, We'd like to offer it by the inexpensive cost."

Example which shows the expectation is introduced. We succeeded to develop all parts internally and suppress the cost down as much as possible. For example all magnetism system encoders are internal development, and the inside of the company is producing. Surprisingly, We even promote internal development of the magnetic fixity process. We are particular about technology and the quality and have developed it thoroughly based on the motor development and the manufacturing technology grown from 1960 's.

"Could you use without breaking under the adverse environment."

Example which shows the expectation is introduced. We did in-house development of the magnetism system encoder and adopted it. When it's compared with the optics system encoder, the structure is so simple that we are surprised. And when it's compared with the optics system encoder to vibration and an impact, it's very excellent theoretically structurally. We say more toughness and high resolution using the magnetism system rotational displacement detection technique developed originally, the special quality which disagreed and was impossible so far was achieved. 

"We had like to achieve high-definition processing by the process machine for which a servomotor is used."

Example which shows the expectation is introduced. The servomotor we offer achieved speed frequency 2.5KHz, and made sure that smooth processing can be achieved by a process machine. An industry in-house development magnetism which achieved 23bit resolution system encoder was loaded. Furthermore, new algorithms have been developed to allow this encoder to bring out its potential, thus enabling high definition processing. When our servo motor is loaded into a metallic process machine, and it works, glossy fining off can be achieved like mirror.  

"We had like to make sure that it can be connected with dominance equipment easily inexpensively."

Example which shows the expectation is introduced. We have developed an amplifier equipped with EtherCAT communication handling newly. And we did strict Conformance Test in EtherCAT Technology Group and got a pass certificate. We did a connection test with control equipment of each company (KEYENCE BECKHOFF OMRON SOFTSERVO) originally. It was confirmed that our servomotor can be controlled certainly from control equipment of the result and each company. We had like also to expand the control equipment which can be connected substantially from now on.

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