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Small-size motor, units and modules

Let me explain about NIDEC INSTRUMENTS's small motor products. The small motors developed by NIDEC INSTRUMENTS are widely used in home appliances, housing equipment, office machines, smartphones, personal computers, servers, automobiles, etc. all over the world. We have a diverse and abundant lineup of brushless DC motors, stepping motors, geared motors, etc. We mass-produce precision and high-quality small motors at low cost and support the evolution of the world.

In addition to the motor itself, we also handle a large number of products that are unitized and modularized by combining resin molded products with the drive source of the motor.
Introducing the "twist type ice maker" from among the unit products.
This ice maker automatically rotates the ice tray when ice is formed. By hooking a part of the ice tray and turning it, the plastic ice tray containing ice is deformed. Then, a gap is created between the ice and the ice tray, and the ice falls into the ice making case. This ice machine consists of a motor, precision resin gears, a resin case, etc. NIDEC INSTRUMENTS develops and manufactures all of them and delivers them to customers as a unit. This ice machine is made up of "Karakuri" technology that combines a motor and mechanical mechanism, which NIDEC INSTRUMENTS specializes in.
In fact, NIDEC INSTRUMENTS is the world's number one manufacturer of "Karakuri" units. This "Karakuri" supports the evolution of familiar electrical appliances. Introducing what kind of "Karakuri" unit is being developed and manufactured in addition to the ice machine.

Nidec Sankyo's representative "Karakuri" unit product

Nidec Sankyo's representative "Karakuri" unit product
● Refrigerator
Ice machine / water supply pump / cold air damper / refrigerant valve / ice shutter / fan motor
● Air conditioner
Louver drive unit / filter cleaning unit
● Washing machine
Drain valve drive unit (both AC and DC types) / drainage pump / drain motor / lid lock motor
● Water heater
Valve drive unit / Circulation pump
● Sanitary
Lid soft close unit / lid automatic opening / closing unit / flow rate / water volume switching unit
● Computer server
Liquid-cooled pump
● Automobile and Motorcycle
Head-up display mirror drive unit /
Throttle actuator / Suspension actuator
● Smartphone
Optical image stabilizer
● Game console
Tactile device

Nidec Sankyo offers a large number of motor-driven modules. We design, manufacture, and deliver custom actuators, pumps, dampers, ice machines, etc. for our customers by combining resin gears, resin molded parts, etc. with small motors.

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