Message from Chairman and President

Since our establishment as a gauge manufacturer in 1949, We have continued to pursue the highest degree of precision and reliability by combining precision and cutting edge technologies. This has allowed us to provide unique products in a wide range of fields such as automobile parts, excellent semiconductor manufacturing equipments and measuring equipments.

Today, the automotive industry is facing a once-in-a-century period of great change, and the environment surrounding our company is changing greatly every day. In order to survive in this era and become a company that can grow even more sustainably, we need to further evolve.In the automotive industry which is shifting to electrification, we aim to be the company that always stays one step ahead of the times, and provides speedy solutions to the quality and technical issues that customers demand.

In 2023, our parent company, NIDEC CORPORATION changed its name in response to its 50th anniversary. Accordingly, our company name has also been changed to "NIDEC POWERTRAIN SYSTEMS CORPORATION."
Taking this opportunity, all of our employees are determined to contribute to society and achieve the satisfaction of our customers.
Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

President & CEO
Noboru Kaneko
President & CEO Noboru Kaneko

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