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NIDEC POWERTRAIN SYSTEMS's Technical Capabilities

Founded as a gauge manufacturer, our company has pursued measurement technology and precision processing technology, and has expanded its business development from gauges to measuring instruments to automobile parts.
In the automotive parts business, we are developing solenoid valves, control valves, and electric oil pumps.
In the measuring instrument business, we are developing automatic centering machines for air conditioner compressors for air conditioners and non-contact automatic inspection equipment.We have developed products that take advantage of our strengths.

World-class precision processing technology

We make parts for the electrification of cars, including parts for AT cars and CVT cars that realize small size and energy saving. Our automotive products are customized and developed together with our customers.
We have a history of 80 years, starting with the manufacture of precision measuring equipment that does not allow for errors in dimensions.We have passed down a “compassion that measures not only things but also the hearts of our customers” since our founding.We pride ourselves with the world's top level of precision equipment development and processing technology.

Integrated design and manufacturing system for automotive parts

When it comes to our control valves, integrated manufacturing of all integral parts, including die casting, enables maximum flexibility. Our factories in Vietnam, China and Mexico, are ready to promptly meet the diverse and sophisticated needs of customers around the world.

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