Sensor,Precision Ball Screws

Nidec Sankyo's Sensors meet the customer needs by its their own high sensitivity and reliability. 『Sensor』

Nidec Sankyo's Ball Screws are used extensively in the industrial instruments.                 『Precision Ball Screw』

Sensor: Unit products and system equipment with motors as core components are evolving into high-reliability, high valu added products in step with sensing technologies are supporting competitivenss of motor-application products.


●You can choose products from a combination of nomainal outside diameters of a threaded shaft and lead and types
of units. For any products that are not included in the list of combinations, we are ready to make and deliver a
product according to your order.
●Shafy end machining series
●End Defrector type
●Internal side circuit type

Linear Encorders

position and speed control of linear motors
●Maintains high reliabilitu in difficult conditionns such as oil mist
●Superior interpolation precision has been achieved due to uniwue scale polarization technology

Linear Encorders

Magnetic Quantity Sensors

Readout of magnetic ink,authentication,identification
●Able to detect contrasting densities of magnetic ink
●Stabilized output due to magnet-less structure
●Superior wear resistance due to the adoption of
ceramic members.

Magnetic Quantity Sensors

Rotary Encoders

Position and speed control of servo motors, stepping motors
●A wide range of technological capabilities with
magnetic sensors permits customization to suit customer
●One Pole pair magnetic type encorder requirements.
●Absolute encoder,small/thin type model, strong bad
environment, easy installation.
●Parameters allow for variable setting(patent pending),
two types of interfaces available.

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