Inspection and measuring equipment

Test bench for EV motors, inverters, and E-Axles

Demand for performance evaluation test benches for traction motors for EVs and performance evaluation test benches for E-axles has rapidly increased in recent years due to the expansion of electrification of automobiles around the world. Our "TDAS-series" is used for the development and testing of our group's "E-Axle", and we aim to contribute to its development and growth by optimizing cost, quality, and evaluation test accuracy. was developed for this purpose.

- Measures current, voltage, rotation speed, torque, temperature, and vibration with high accuracy and high frequency, and can process and analyze data such as displaying efficiency maps.
-Equipped with a function that allows automatic and semi-automatic execution of test sequences, driving modes, etc., contributing to labor savings in the testing environment.
-Both the inverter and battery simulator have a regeneration function, reducing the power consumed in the motor bench as necessary.
-By using a high-temperature chiller, it is possible to conduct tests that control the temperature of DUT cooling oil, coolant liquid, etc.
-Adopts a face plate system with a positioning mechanism that can flexibly accommodate various DUTs and facilitate replacement work (TDAS-1202P only)

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