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NIDEC Group has been growing by extending the number of group companies and business bases in many countries around the world.

Nidec Group will continue to supply unrivaled products to global markets by utilizing the synergy of group company characteristics and attributes as the "world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer."

Corporate name Description of business Public site
NIDEC ADVANCED MOTOR CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of motors (brushless, stepping, fan and blower motors), sensors and industrial small motors, as fans, blowers and sensors, and motor-applied products. Public site
NIDEC ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of automatic measuring systems, control systems, and inspection fixtures including inspection equipment for semiconductor package printed boards, optical appearance inspection equipment, and FPD-related inspection equipmen Public site
NIDEC ASI S.p.A. R&D, manufacturing and sales of mid- to large-sized industrial motors, power generators, and low- to mid-voltage drives as well as development of industrial system and automation systems in the metal and power generation (regenerated energy) fields. Public site
NIDEC CHAUN-CHOUNG TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing and sales of thermal management devices. Public site
NIDEC COMPONENTS CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of electronic circuit components, pressure sensors, actuators, potentiometers, and rotary encoders. Public site
NIDEC CONTROL TECHNIQUES LIMITED R&D, manufacturing, and sales of AC and DC variable speed drives, servos and power conversion technologies for commercial and industrial applications.
NIDEC DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of power transmission drives, press machines, measuring instruments, control equipment, craftwork equipment, and others. Public site
NIDEC ELECTRIC MOTOR SERBIA d.o.o. Novi Sad Manufacture of automotive motors and related products
NIDEC ELESYS CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing and sales of electronic control devices for automotive bodies Public site
NIDEC GLOBAL APPLIANCE COMPRESSORES E SOLUCOES EM REFRIGERACAO LTDA R&D, manufacturing and sales of compressors for commercial and domestic refrigerators. Public site
Nidec Global Appliance Europe S.R.L. R&D, manufacturing and sales of motors for home appliances (washing machines, dryer machines, and dishwashers).
NIDEC GLOBAL SERVICE CORPORATION Sales of a variety of insurance services, sales of a diverse range of products, including beverages and other products, leasing and management of real-estate properties, loan and lease business, operation of company stores, contract business related to temporary staffing, hotel business. Public site
NIDEC GPM GmbH R&D and manufacturing of water pumps, oil pumps and modules for the automotive industry; wide range of OEM customers (passenger cars and commercial vehicles) Public site
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of motors, motor drive units, card readers, industrial robots, plastic molded parts, and music boxes Public site
NIDEC LEROY-SOMER HOLDING R&D, manufacturing and sale of alternators, electric motors, geared motors, variable speed drives, automation solutions and service offers for industry. Public site
NIDEC MACHINERY CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical support of automatic machines, factory automation equipment, and measuring and testing devices. Public site
NIDEC MACHINE TOOL CORPORATION (1)Design, manufacture, sales and consulting services associated with machine tools, cutting tools, and other related products.
(2)Installation, technical guidance, and after-sales services related to the above products. Headquarters :
Public site
NIDEC MOBILITY CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing and sales of automotive electronics components and systems Public site
NIDEC MOTOR CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of industrial, commercial and appliance motors, and control equipment. Public site
NIDEC MOTORS & ACTUATORS (GERMANY) GmbH R&D, manufacturing, and sales of automotive motors (for Engine Cooling, ABS, Steering Column adjustment, Seat adjustment, Window Lift, Air Suspension Compressors, Sunroof, and Trunk Open and Close.) Public site
NIDEC OKK CORPORATION (1) Design, manufacturing, and sale of machine tools (machining centers, NC milling machines, general-purpose milling machines, and specialized machine tools)
(2) Installing, and providing technical Support and customer support for, the above products.
Public site
NIDEC PRECISION CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing and sales of optical equipment, electronic equipment, precision parts and their dyes, image equipment, and FA and industrial equipment. Public site
NIDEC POWERTRAIN SYSTEMS CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of automobile components and measuring instruments Public site
NIDEC TECHNO MOTOR CORPORATION R&D, manufacturing, and sales of small- and mid-sized motors for air conditioners and industrial use. Public site
Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. CNC lathes, Engine lathes, Machining centers, Drill centers, FA cells, systems Public site

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