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What is a Motor?

This page features articles such as "Quest for Capabilities and Further Possibilities Hidden in Motors", "Basic Motor Information" in order to help people understand motors and related terms. This wide range of articles has been written and edited by Takashi Kenjo, our Technical Adviser.

Quest For Motors' Hidden Abilities and New Potentials

This is the column on motors presented by Takashi Kenjo.

Basic Motor Information

Fundamental information on motors has been compiled to increase understanding. Characteristics, individuality and features of various motors are independently described to increase understanding of motors.

Glossary of Motor Terms

We have prepared a glossary of motor terms for engineers and other people who want to learn about and use motors. Please consult it as necessary.

History of Motors

In the History of Motors, you will see "Nidec's Progress" in the context of Japan's technology and industry, and global scientific history.

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