Nidec strives to achieve sustainable business growth by harmonizing with stakeholders,
society, and the environment, while being cognizant of the social responsibility of being
the "world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer."

Top Commitment

This section shows the commitment of Nidec's representative on the company's CSR activities.

Contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Nidec Group contributes to achieving the SDGs in 2030 via its business activities.

What We Pursue

This section shows Nidec's principles and fundamental stance on CSR.


The Nidec Group is strives to reduce environmental load by engaging in eco-friendly business activities.


The Nidec Group places importance on communication with surrounding communities and strives to promote CSR activities.


The Nidec Group constantly strengthens its business and business management system to build an infrastructure that underpins its global business activities.

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