ESG stands for Environmental Social and Governance. It is a general term used to measure the sustainability and ethical, environmental impact of businesses on society. Socially responsible investors make investment decisions using ESG criteria. This section discusses Nidec's key approaches to managing its S aspects.

Human Rights

Advocating international guidelines, Nidec addresses constantly diversifying human rights issues.


Nidec is working hard to create ideal working conditions with due respect paid to diversity and based on our three principles of behavior of "Enthusiasm, Eagerness, and Tenacity," "Intellectual Hard Work," and "Do it now; Do it without fail; and Do it until completed."

Responsibility for the Entire Supply Chain

Working in collaboration with its customers and other supply chain partners, Nidec promotes CSR activities in its entire supply chain.

Our Contributions to Society

Nidec pays respect to the local culture and customs of the country or area we work in. We state in our CSR Charter that we "harmonize with communities" and engage in various corporate activities accordingly.

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