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In the library, you can watch videos on Nidec Group’s businesses, social contributions, and other activities.
We will release videos and post them to the library based on their themes.

Top of the company promotion videos

Nidec’s vision

This segment depicts Nidec’s actions to become a company that grows sustainably for the next 100 years and beyond.

Why people choose Nidec

This segment explains Nidec Group’s unique solutions, and its strengths in R&D activities and production system.

Social contributions

This segment describes the contributions of Nidec’s business activities to society.

Nidec in everyday life

This section describes Nidec’s products in our everyday lives.

Executives’ messages

This segment shows messages on Nidec’s corporate attitudes, future vision, and businesses.

Business fields

This sections explains products and solutions that are bases on Nidec’s original drive technology and that we can offer in the respective business fields and areas.

Why people choose Nidec

Strengths of Production System

Strengths of R&D

Nidec’s global network

One Nidec in China

Social contributions

Nidec's solutions for social issues

Nidec's global diversity and regional CSR activities

Nidec’ actions to realize a decarbonized society

Nidec in everyday life

Where you're moving is where we're heading.

We are always there for you who work hard.
(episode of student)

We are always there for you who work hard.
(episode of farmer)

Nidec’s vision

Nidec’s mission

To achieve more in the future

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