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Business Composition

Nidec creates next-generation drive technologies for everything that spins and moves to meet the needs of society.

Small Precision Motors

Nidec manufactures and sells hard disk drive (HDD) motors used in personal computers and data centers, tactile devices used in smartphones and cellphones, motors for OA equipment, motors for CD & DVD drives, and other products.

HDD motors

HDDs, devices used to record data, use HDD motors.

Fan motors (UFF)

Our fan motors cater to the demand for thermal management.

Tactile device

The use of tactile devices in new smartphone models makes them increasingly popular.

Automotive Products

In addition to electric power steering motors, which enjoy the world’s largest market share, we manufacture and sell automotive products, such as pumps and sensors for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), traction motors for EV and other products.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) Power-pack

EPS power-packs are motor systems that assist in steering wheels.

Traction Motor System (E-Axle)

Traction motor systems serve as the core component to generate the driving force in electric and other vehicles.

ADAS Sensor Fusion Unit

This system supports driving operations.

Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Products

Our appliance, commercial and industrial products include motors for home appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners, motors for commercial products like elevators, and motors for ships and other industrial products.

Fan Motors for Air Conditioners

These motors are used inside indoor and outdoor units.

Compressors for Household Refrigerators

This component is used to compress the coolant in heat pumps installed in refrigerators for household use.

Smart Microgrid System

This system provides a stable power supply by combining power generation and energy storage of photovoltaic and wind power.


We manufacture and sell industrial robots, various inspection equipment, press equipment and other products used in factories.

LCD Panel Handling Robots

These robots are used for transportation in liquid crystal panel factories.

Large-Sized Transfer Servo Presses

We provide total solutions including 600 to 4500 T large-sized transfer servo press with transporting and feeding systems.

Precision Reducers for Robots

These are key components used in the joints of robots.

Electronic & Optical Components

We manufacture and sell electronic components such as switches, trimmer potentiometers, and sensors installed in industrial electronic machines, as well as optical components such as shutters for digital cameras, smartphones and mobile phones, and image stabilizers.


Nidec’s switches are used for program setup, circuit setup, circuit switching and other operations in information-processing equipment, telecommunications equipment, control equipment, and measuring equipment.

Pressure Sensors

The pressure sensor can measure any pressure range, including vacuum pressure, gauge pressure, and differential pressure.


We also offer other products, including music box-related products, human resource services and various insurances.

Music Boxes

With a line-up of more than 10,000 songs, our music boxes make ideal gifts and souvenirs.

Sales by Products Groups

Small Precision Motors

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Automotive Products

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Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Products

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Electronic & Optical Components

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