Technology & Case Studies

Implemented Solutions

Compact and light brushless DC motor for cordless vacuum cleaners

Utilize the brushless DC motor’s competitive advantages to offer motors for light and high-suction cordless vacuum cleaners.

A minuscule vibration motor that creates realistic tactile sense

Utilizing its compact motor-based knowhow, Nidec developed a minuscule vibration motor that creates a realistic tactile sense.

Coolant Distribution Units (CDU = water-cooling system) to respond to growing thermal loads

Offer CDUs and other heat-resisting solutions to meet requirements

Low-noise, low-power-consumption motor for air purifiers

Diverting a technology for solving issues with server rooms to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Compact and high-precision power steering (EPS) motors

This compact and high-precision power steering motor, which can be retracted in a limited space, helps people to drive safely and comfortably.

Air-cooling fan that respond to thermal migration in a datacenter

Nidec’s high-air-capacity, high-static-pressure, and high-efficiency air-cooling fan that cool increasingly sophisticated servers

The motors that drive WALKCAR, the “portable car”

Revising a case structure and use an advanced designing to make a “portable car”

Electric bike (e-bike) motors

Electric bike (e-bike) motors

Super-flat Actuator FLEXWAVE with Axial Flux Motor

Utilize shape-related merits to a reducer-equipped, light, thin, short, and compact actuator.

UltraFlo Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fans for Thin Laptop Computers

Smaller and thinner fan motors made possible with Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology originally developed for Hard Disk Drives.

Motor For Cleaning Robot

Nidec provides highly efficient, small and light, low-noise and long-life motors. In addition, we are ready to offer design work up to the point where the motor is connected to the wheel. Motors inclusive of the unit design are available for customers.

Automated Transportation Robot Drive Module

Generate synergies within the Nidec Group to develop a high-efficiency drive module.

AGV Systems

Nidec integrates brushless DC motors, high precision reduction gears, sensors and more to create AGVs capable of freely moving around and transporting goods. We are also working on the development of smart AGVs making use of IoT

Camera & Radar Assisted Driving

Nidec develops cameras and radars—sensors that play a central role in advanced driver assisted systems—that contribute to safer driving.

Development of Ceiling Fans and Outlook for the Future

At Nidec, we are expanding our capabilities to include ODM services focusing on ceiling fan components, units as well as finished and ready-to-use products—poised for global expansion, starting with the Indian market.

DCT Motors

Nidec develops and manufacturers superior DCT motors and contributes to improving the environmental performance of automobiles.

Electric Oil Pumps

The Nidec group develops electric oil pumps necessary for hybrid-mode driving and idling stop systems—the keys to lower fuel consumption.

Integrated Electric Power Steering Motors and ECUs

The Smallest and Lightest Class of Power Packs in the World.

F5B Electric Glider Competition

Nidec is challenging the limits of compact, high output, and high efficiency motors in F5B, the world's premier motor glider competition. In addition, Nidec conducts a range of research and development based on the experience in the F5B competition.

Thinner HDD Motor Design

As notebook PCs become thinner, the profile of HDD motors is also becoming lower. Nidec also supports the evolution of notebook PCs by producing thinner motors.

Helium-Filled Hard Disk Drives

HDDs filled with helium have improved read/write precision and lower power-consumption due to minimized disk vibration caused by drag.

Pushing the Limits of Miniaturization with our Ultra-Thin & Ultra-Small Fans

Less than 3-mm thick and with 20-mm sides—our ultra-compact cooling fans are a result of cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art analysis and manufacturing technology.

Resin-Packed Motors

Nidec became the first company group in the world to successfully implement resin-packed motors that contribute greatly to silent home appliances.

Power Steering Motors (1st – 3rd Generations)

Nidec is developing and producing high-performance EPS motors by utilizing our motor design, control and mass production technologies that we have cultivated over the years. This is our development story of the first to third generations of power steering motors.

Brushless DC Motors, Blowers and Gear Units for Vacuum Cleaners

Modules that combine the superior capabilities of brushless DC motors with blowers, gears and other components

Systems engineering for iron and steel making and finishing plants

Systems engineering for plants producing strong, smooth, highly processable and weldable steel plates for automobiles.

Tactile Devices

The Nidec group develops and manufactures state-of-the-art devices that revolutionize the interface between humans and machines.

Deep sea AC motors for submarine cable burying ROVs

rs that can withstand the pressure of ocean depths of 4000m developed for submarine cable burying ROVs.

Solutions for glass elevators

Expanding the range of applications for elevators through implementation of compact drive systems.

AC motors for pumps powering ultra-large fountains

Developing long-lasting motors designed to withstand the thrust of high-power fountains.

Power generation systems for LNG powered ferries

Power generation systems for LNG powered ferries designed to meet limited space requirements and improve passenger comfort through reduced vibration.

Battery Energy Storage System

Stabilize electricity supply to actively promote renewable energy-based smart grid transformation

Integrated units for hair dryers combining brushless DC motors with AC-DC power supply circuits

By replacing universal motors with Nidec's brushless DC motors, hair dryers can be made significantly smaller and lighter.

Integrated Brushless DC Motor and Fan Blade Units for Electric Fans

The trend of reduced power-consumption and increased functionality has reached the electric fan market. Nidec develops products that contribute to smaller and lighter high-functionality electric fans with a wide range of settings and modes.

Next-Generation Motor Control Technology

Nidec has succeeded in the development of control technology that enables position control of brushless DC motors with a precision rivaling that of HP stepper motors. This new technology paves the way for more efficient, lightweight and compact products in a variety of fields including multifunction printers.

Brushless DC motors for Ovens

Highly-controllable brushless DC motors that allow for uniform baking and cooking complicated recipes.

Smart Microgrid Solutions

Providing stable energy for a remote village in the Andes mountain range through integration of photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and a diesel generator.

Image-stabilizing mechanism, TiltAC

Motors that can withstand the pressure of ocean depths of 4000m developed for submarine cable burying ROVs.

Using molding technology to make automotive camera lenses plastic of glass-level quality

Offering plastic lenses of glass-level performance for the growing automotive camera market

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