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Compact and light brushless DC motor for cordless vacuum cleaners

Utilize the brushless DC motor’s competitive advantages to offer motors for light and high-suction cordless vacuum cleaners.

Make vacuum cleaners more compact and easier to carry.
Develop an ultra-high-speed motor to significantly improve the power per size

Light motors that lead the booming cordless vacuum cleaner market

Since the late 2010's, the household vacuum cleaner market has been witnessing a surge in demand of cordless vacuum cleaner with a built-in battery. Consumers had long been waiting for space-saving, immediately available cleaners, which people are purchasing to replace their canister-type cleaners.

Nidec supplies high-efficiency brushless DC motors for handy and stick-type vacuum cleaners. Among the cordless vacuum cleaner’s components, the motor is the second heaviest after the battery. This is why Nidec’s compact and light brushless DC motors not only make vacuum cleaners easier to use, but also create room for better designs, giving the final products a huge advantage.

Compared with the conventional brushed motor, the brushless DC motor is thin, capable of generating high power, and therefore energy-efficient. By utilizing mainly the knowhow from the development and manufacturing of the brushless DC motor, Nidec has developed a motor exclusively for cordless vacuum cleaners.

Replacing the conventional, outer rotor type to an inner rotor type

The rpm has more than doubled, while the weight was down by 40%.

For the cordless vacuum cleaner, whose component space is limited, a compact fan is required to generate wind. The only way for a small fan to generate sufficient suction power is to rotate at a high speed. In 2016, Nidec developed an ultra-high-rpm motor (app. 80,000 rpm) for handy vacuum cleaners. This performance is more than double that of existing brushed motors (app. 30,000 rpm) for vacuum cleaners. This ultra-high-rpm motor uses extremely strong, neodymium-sintered magnets. While the number of the motor’s internal holes and slots increased, its weight is down by approximately 40%.
The motor underwent a fundamental design review in 2019, when we released the second generation of the motor, which is more stable and compact than its predecessor. In 2021, with the adoption of a new, resin housing, the supply of the third generation of the motor, even lighter than its previous model, started. Now in 2021, we accommodate vacuum cleaner manufacturers’ variety of product strategies with the lineup of three modes: Type V65 (rated power output: 250w), the most powerful of all types; Type V55 (rated power output: 150w), for standard, stick-type vacuum cleaners; and Type V45 (rated power output: 100w), a light mode

Nidec’s motors for cordless vacuum cleaner motors. From left: Type V65 (rated power output: 250w), Type V55 (rated power output: 150w), and Type V45 (rated power output: 100w)

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