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Integrated Brushless DC Motor and Fan Blade Units for Electric Fans

The trend of reduced power-consumption and increased functionality has reached the electric fan market.
Nidec develops products that contribute to smaller and lighter high-functionality electric fans with a wide range of settings and modes.

Improved efficiency and support for additional functions
Brushless DC motors combined with fan blades designed based on advanced technology

Highly Efficient, Compact and Lightweight Fan Motors Capable of Smooth Airflow Adjustments

Product design in the home appliance market is currently undergoing a paradigm shift towards energy efficiency. As a result, many products are experiencing changes in their underlying design philosophies. Electric fans are no exception; recently fans using brushless DC motors, known for their lower power consumption compared to conventional AC motors, have started to make their presence known in the market. Due to their power efficiency, household fans powered by brushless DC motors can also be designed to be used with batteries, paving way for cordless fans.

Another benefit of brushless DC motors that has attracted attention is their superior controllability. In contrast with conventional AC motors, which are generally limited to around 3 separate speed settings, brushless DC motors offer continuously variable speed control, even for standard models. In addition, fans powered by brushless DC motors are also capable of oscillating smoothly while performing complicated sequences of movement. As a result, these fans produce a gentle breeze making them comfortable to use, even for prolonged periods of time. As an added benefit, the smaller size and lower weight of brushless DC motors, compared to AC motors, allow for more stylish designs as well.

Compact, lightweight, energy-efficient and highly controllable brushless DC motors
are taking the electric fan market by storm.

Silent Operation at High Speeds and Capability of Switching Between Wide/Spot Modes

As household fans have evolved, we have expanded our lineup to include integrated units combining motors and fan blades in addition to our stand-alone motors. For example, one such module recently developed for one of our customers consists of a motor, fan blades and a separate set of variable-pitch blades that can be used to adjust the air flow concentration of the fan. By utilizing air flow analysis and control techniques built up in the server cooling fan market to optimize the interaction between the fan blades and the variable-pitch blades, we were able to improve the overall efficiency of the fan. Another project involved using auxiliary blades to counteract the wind noise generated by a fan while improving its air flow capacity at the same time.

Armed with our unique air flow analysis and control technology, we open the door for versatile fans that can be used for cooling during summer and air circulation during winter—further contributing to the growth of the electric fan market.

Adjustable fan blades make for quick and easy adjustments of air flow concentration.

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