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Motors In Everyday Life

Nidec's motors are utilized in a wide variety of applications and equipment used in your everyday life. On these pages you will find information about the motors that make up the core of our business and how they contribute to your everyday life.

Home Appliances And Audio & Visual Equipment

Blu-ray and DVD recorders, cleaning robots, washing and drying machines—all of these and many other machines used in your home are powered by Nidec's motors.

IT, Communication And Office Equipment

Nidec's small precision motors contribute to the development of the information society and comfortable office environments.

Healthcare And Medical Equipment

Having earned a reputation for their reliability, Nidec's motors are used in a variety of applications in healthcare and medical equipment.

Commercial Equipment

ATMs, automatic doors and commercial air conditioners are examples of everyday equipment in which motors are used.

Industrial Equipment

Motors are widely used in industrial applications. Nidec offers solutions ranging from stand-alone products to advanced systems and turnkey projects.


The automobiles of the future and other vehicles and robots that make our lives more comfortable are made possible by Nidec's motors.

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