Editorial Policy

Nidec CSR Report has been published annually since 2004 to facilitate stakeholder understanding of the company’s CSR stance. Nidec, which regards its customers, supply chain partners, local communities, employees, shareholders, and the global environment itself as important stakeholders, places importance on fulfilling its social responsibilities as a global company that engages in motor and other businesses, and on meeting all stakeholder expectations. As part of the effort, from 2004 to 2020, we published an annual report on the stance, actions, achievements, and issues regarding Nidec Group’s CSR. Starting in 2021, we issue an Integrated Report containing the company’s financial and non-financial information. Please see these reports in addition to the CSR page on our website.

Downloading Integrated Reports
Downloading CSR Reports
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Scope of Report

Our CSR Report 2020 mainly focuses on the headquarters, domestic and overseas R&D facilities, and production sites of Nidec Corporation, Nidec-Read Corporation, Nidec Sankyo Corporation, Nidec-Shimpo Corporation, Nidec Techno Motor Corporation, Nidec Mobility Corporation, Nidec Tosok Corporation, Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation, Nidec Copal Corporation, Nidec Elesys Corporation, Nidec Servo Corporation, Nidec Machine Tool Corporation, Nidec Global Service Corporation, Nidec Machinery Corporation and Nidec OKK Corporation. The information in the “Employees” section features mainly the Nidec Corporation.

Reporting Guidelines

  • The Ministry of the Environment "Environmental Reporting Guidelines2018"
  • The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

Publishing Office and Department

Issued by:
IR and CSR Promotion Department, Nidec Corporation

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