Under the mission of "We contribute to the Earth by producting the highest quality motors in the world.", NIDEC provides technologies and solutions for decarbonization, including a variety of high-efficiency motors that utilize light, short, thin, and small technology. We will contribute to the decarbonization of the world through our efforts “Achieving carbon neutral” and our product lineup that contributes to decarbonization, which will be introduced in this exhibition.

NIDEC exhibiting at the COP28 Virtual Japan Pavilion

Exhibition overview

  1. 1Achieving carbon neutral
  2. 2.Introducing the NIDEC Group's product lines and solutions that contribute to decarbonization
    ・Promoting the spread of renewable energy through Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
    ・Reduce energy consumption in data center by high-efficiency heat management
    ・Reduce energy consumption by developing high-efficiency motors
    ・Promoting decarbonization through the electrification of the mobility sector
  3. 3.Video introduction of Nidec’s various technologies and solutions

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