Stock and Bond Information

General Information

This page contains basic stock information, such as the fiscal term, stock exchanges and security code.

Stock Quotes(reuters)

This page allows users to compare current stock prices with past trends.

Stock Split

This page contains past records on bonus issues and stock splits.

Annual Dividends Per Share

This page contains graphs on the trends in annual dividends per share for the past 10 years.

Own Share Repurchase

This page provides information on the number of shares repurchased and related press releases.

Principal Shareholders

This page introduces the top ten shareholders and their holding ratios.

Shareholder Mix

This page contains graphs on holding ratios of overseas, institutional, individual and other investors.

Share Transfer & Purchase Of Fractional Share Certificates

This page provides contact information for share transfers, address changes and other administrative procedures.

Corporate Bonds

This page contains information on Nidec’s convertible bonds, straight bonds and related press releases.

Credit Rating

This page contains information on the latest credit ratings by several rating agencies.

List of Analysts

This page provides a list of Nidec’s stock analyst coverage.

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