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The rampage of COVID-19 brought to Nidec serious damage, including disrupted supply chains. The crises caused by the pandemic were widely different from anything we had experienced prior, in that they made it business activities possibly fatal to our lives. Never in the company’s 50-year history had we made our lives the top priority so urgently, based on our policy, “Our top priority is to protect the lives of our employees, followed by those of their families, and the company.” From a different perspective, though, the new-coronavirus-caused situation gave us a chance to review the way we manage our company. In addition, the pandemic, we hear, lessened the atmospheric pollution under the global restrictions on economic activity, and “visualized” the environmental destruction by humankind. Going forward, we will see a dramatic change in the world, and be required to act for the global environment more than ever before.
 In 1973, Nidec was founded with a dream of becoming “an international company that represents Japan.” Now, after marking its 50th anniversary, we are moving forward with our next dream of becoming “a socially indispensable top-class global company for the next 50 years.” To coexist with the global society and be needed by it, Nidec must realize an eco- and society-friendly sustainable management. Thus, we will align the direction of our company’s business strategy with the path of solving the world’s social issues, to grow with enthusiasm and perseverance.

Founder, Representative Director and Chairman (Chief Executive Officer)
Shigenobu Nagamori


Nidec has a mission of contributing via business to solving critical issues common to all humankind, and to the progress and spread of new technologies essential for the future
 One of such critical issues common to all humankind is climate change. Everyone should still remember the recent remark made by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, who used a term “the era of global boiling” to warn people of this intensifying issue. Nidec aims to develop high-performance and low-cost EV motors, and engage in battery energy storage system (BESS) and other renewable energy-related solution businesses, to promote society’s decarbonization and contribute to solving climate change.
 The eVTOL (flying car) business, about which Nidec announced its entry in June 2023, is one of areas that use new technologies for the future society. In densely populated urban areas, it is becoming urgently important to establish technology to transfer people and goods efficiently and with sustainable means. The eVTOL is gaining attention as a possible solution to this issue, and its market is expected to grow in the near future. We executed a contract with Embraer S.A., a globally renowned, Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer, to establish a joint venture for electric drive systems for the aviation industry. We will combine the two companies’ technologies to collectively enhance the possibility of the new means of transportation for the near-future society.
 Nidec is committed to contributing to solving all environmental and social issues, and, under a fully governance-oriented management system, diving right into the world of technological innovation. This is how we aim to continue these business activities, and become a socially indispensable “top-class global company” 50 and 100 years from now.

Representative Director and President (Chief Operating Officer)
Hiroshi Kobe

Mission Statement Nidec Corporation's mission is to contribute to the development of society and welfare of the general public around the world. Nidec aims to do so by supplying the highest quality products. Our company is sincerely and enthusiastically dedicated to the trinity of technology, expertise, and modern science. Thereby, Nidec strives to promote the prosperity of our society, our company, and all our employees.

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