FAQs about CSR

What is the basic policy for CSR activities?

Nidec Corporation established a CSR Charter containing five guiding principles. Based on the CSR Charter, all directors and employees of Nidec work to maintain honest and transparent business activities.

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What are Nidec's mid- and long-term objectives for CSR activities?

In the new medium-term strategic target "Vision 2025" announced in July 2021, ESG-related items are newly incorporated as targets. We have identified materiality that we should prioritize to fulfill Nidec’s mission of “contributing to the Earth by producing the highest quality motors in the world” in the medium to long term and to continue to expand our corporate value. We have set KPIs for each theme to address the identified materiality. We incorporate the KPIs into the new medium-term strategic goal Vision 2025, and work on them to enhance the sustainability of our business.

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How does Nidec incorporate CSR into business management and controlled?

Nidec’s business sites operate under a CSR management system in the areas of: 1) the environment, 2) human rights, labor and ethics, and 3) health and safety. ISO 14001, an international standard on the environment; OHSAS 18001, an international standard on labor, health and safety; and Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) (former Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition: EICC) are the foundations of the system.

How does Nidec promote CSR-based procurement?

To ensure that Nidec’s suppliers act based on its Code of Conduct, we set forth our Basic Business Agreement with our suppliers. At the same time, we share our guidelines with those companies in the supply chain.

How does Nidec implement environmental preservation activities?

Nidec has been promoting the following five voluntary plans since FY2004. <1> Reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions, <2> Reduction of final waste volume, <3> Environmental management activities, <4> Environmental contribution through our products, <5> Environmental communication activities

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