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See the Nidec Group’s solutions to promote a better society.

Make Lighter Products

Motors should not be a burden on a machine or a human body. We make revolutionary, uncompromising steps forward.

Make Thinner Products

We offer stylish mobile devices – a form of sophistication realized by using thin motors.

Make Shorter Products

We challenge ourselves to put our motors – including their long axes – in limited spaces.

Make Smaller Products

We make the smallest possible motors help create revolutionary devices of a new dimension.

Make Stronger Products

We answer the demand for powerful and yet high-efficiency motors.

Cool things efficiently

Make more efficient and effective products. Tackling the “generated heat” in IT infrastructure.

Make Quieter Products

Our powerful and yet noise-less motors offer quiet and comfortable user experiences.

Make More Efficient Products

Nidec’s high-efficiency, ecofriendly motors accommodate the rising demand for such products.

Make More Controllable Products

We help materialize assisting functions to move products smoothly like an extension of your body.

Make Less-vibrating Products

Even slight vibration causes serious errors. Nidec’s super-low-noise motors accommodate the needs of servers that support information society infrastructure.

Make Longer-life Products

Our products provide power stably and on long- and super-long-term bases.

Nidec Engineers Taking on Challenges of Making Light, Thin, Short, and Small Products”

Special Movie

You can view a concept movie featuring engineers who are determined to create light, thin, short, and small products.


Nidec engineers who make light, thin, short, and small product to make a better society

The super-high-speed motor leading the vacuum cleaner industry

Ueda is the leader of a product development team whose cleaning robot motor earned a reputation. Even after successfully reducing the weight of the motor to make cordless vacuum cleaners more attractive products, he continues his attempt to meet customers’ demand.

The thin HDD motor that led the trends of thin notebook PCs

After joining Nidec in 1994, Imahori has dedicated his entire career to developing hard disk drive (HDD) motors. His focus is to develop thinner HDD motors for notebook PCs, which are constantly required to be thinner.

The power steering motor that enables the car driver to cut the wheel safely and smoothly

Haga has been designing power steering motors since their second generation. As time progresses, the number of functions required increases. Yet, this motor engineer never ceases to voraciously take on challenges one after another.

E-Axle, the astoundingly small motor that leads this age of the EV

Fukunaga, the engineer who led his team to develop E-Axle, the traction motor that works as the heart to generate the electric vehicle’s driving force. Thanks to his and his team’s dedicated efforts, the E-Axle, the short-diameter motor that far surpasses rival products’ power densities, will continue to evolve.

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