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Make Quieter Products

Nidec is home to hydrodynamics researchers, who design airflow inside PCs and gaming machines. To cool substrates, which are becoming increasingly high-performance and prone to accumulating heat, there is need for more airflow for cooling fans. Still, instead of making noisy fans, our researchers use their creative force on fans’ shapes and airflow to reduce noise to the best extent possible. To reduce the noise from motors themselves, the researchers apply current of a specific phase in drive control systems to eliminate vibration. To us, the ideal state is where users do not feel that there are any motors in their products.

Nidec’s Solutions with Quiet Products

Low-noise, low-power-consumption motor for air purifiers

Diverting a technology for solving issues with server rooms to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Brushless DC Motors, Blowers and Gear Units for Vacuum Cleaners

Modules that combine the superior capabilities of brushless DC motors with blowers, gears and other components

EV Traction Motor System E-Axle

The product that combines the Nidec Group’s technologies to work as an EV’s “heart”

Motor For Cleaning Robot

Nidec provides highly efficient, small and light, low-noise and long-life motors. In addition, we are ready to offer design work up to the point where the motor is connected to the wheel. Motors inclusive of the unit design are available for customers.

Super-flat Actuator FLEXWAVE with Axial Flux Motor

Utilize shape-related merits to a reducer-equipped, light, thin, short, and compact actuator.

UltraFlo Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fans for Thin Laptop Computers

Smaller and thinner fan motors made possible with Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology originally developed for Hard Disk Drives.

Resin-Packed Motors

Nidec became the first company group in the world to successfully implement resin-packed motors that contribute greatly to silent home appliances.

Integrated Brushless DC Motor and Fan Blade Units for Electric Fans

The trend of reduced power-consumption and increased functionality has reached the electric fan market. Nidec develops products that contribute to smaller and lighter high-functionality electric fans with a wide range of settings and modes.

Nidec’s Technology to Create Quiet Products

Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Technology

Nidec quickly began developing and manufacturing fluid dynamic bearings (FDBs), which are dramatically accelerating the increase in HDD capacity and noise reduction. We are pioneers in mass production of HDD spindle motors that use FDBs.

Fundamental Technology for Innovative Motors

Higher torque density, less noise and reduced vibration—laying the foundation for the motors of tomorrow

Rapid Prototyping

Exceeding the Needs of our Customers with Shorter R&D Cycles and Reduced Costs

Traction Drive’s Noise Reduction Technology

Realizing automatic guided vehicles for silence-required places

The Advanced CAE Technology behind our Optimally Designed Modules and Units

Coupled analysis and other advanced CAE tools cut down on development times and make development of advanced modules and units easier.

Nidec's Technical Capabilities CAE Technology Developed In-House

At Nidec, we utilize original modeling technology and analysis software developed in-house to optimize the design of our fluid dynamic bearings.

Solutions Centered on Brushless DC Motors

Optimally designed modules combining motors with fans, blowers, pumps, gears and controllers

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