Implemented Solutions

Brushless DC Motors, Blowers and Gear Units for Vacuum Cleaners

Modules that Combine the Superior Capabilities of Brushless DC Motors
with Blowers, Gears and Other Components

Smaller and quieter vacuum cleaners with longer runtime per charge
Modules combining motors with gears, blowers, controllers and more to achieve even higher performance

Optimized Modules Realized with Integrated Design

The demand for battery powered cordless vacuum cleaners has increased to the point that they have become their own category in the market. As a result, high-efficiency brushless DC motors, suitable for battery-powered equipment such as handheld vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners, are seeing an upswing in attention.

At Nidec, we provide customized package solutions for robotic vacuum cleaners including combined motors and gear units, motors driving the spinning brushes, motors for suction and more. Our expertise is particularly strong in the design of drive units as we possess the capabilities to design both motors and gear units, allowing us to design seamlessly integrated units that are efficient, quiet and compact. In addition, the advantages of these units also include smooth operation and long run-time.

Furthermore, we also design units for handheld vacuum cleaners. By combining our compact and lightweight brushless DC motors with other components such as fans, we create integrated units that contribute to lighter and more stylish handheld vacuum cleaners.

More compact and efficient products are realized by combining multiple components into single units.

New Added Value with Highly Efficient Miniaturized Blower Units

Our advanced integrated units are backed by coupled analysis technology that enables comprehensive analysis of multiple phenomena, such as pressure and centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of a blower.

When designing our integrated motor blower units, we make use of supercomputer-based thermal fluid analysis as well as multiphysics analysis including coupled analysis of the interaction between structure and magnetic fields, combined structural and fluid analysis and more. This allows us to refine our designs and create even more advanced integrated units.

Armed with these technologies, we have succeeded in developing miniaturized lightweight high-efficiency blower units (BL-V60 series, BL-V70 series) for stick and canister vacuum cleaners that are 60% smaller and 50% lighter than conventional AC universal motors. In addition, we have also realized a 60% increase in suction power.

Compact and lightweight blower units make it possible to design not only smaller vacuum cleaners that are lighter and easier-to-use, but also cordless vacuum cleaners being outfitted with batteries while maintaining their original size. Furthermore, the increased suction power can also be utilized to design specialized high-suction vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners with longer run-time without sacrificing power: a further testament to the versatility and added value of our integrated products.

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